Thursday, December 31, 2009

Boxing Day Shopping

This is what I got for myself during the Boxing Day shopping spree... (except the handbag on the right, of course...)

1. A new pair of shoes, from Clarks. 50% off, nice!

2. New pair of Levi's Jeans. 20% off, sweet!

3. New shirt for the new year!

In fact, my good friends here in Cambridge all bought Levi's Jeans. Ladies and gentlemen, may I present you the Levi's boys!!!

from left to right:
Michael Tan (in his Levi's 501), Shin Liang (Levi's 505), Fendi (Levi's 503), David (Levi's 501)

Saturday, November 28, 2009

The End of Days

Ever since the premiere of 2012, everyone seems to be blogging about the end of days.

Most of them would hope to share the last moment with their love ones.

But that is only possible, if you remain to be the only person who knows about the end of the days.

If everyone else in the world know that the world is coming to an end, law and order would break down.

Pessimist, you may call me. But that's the truth. If the end of world is broadcasted, then raping, killing and looting and all other unimaginable atrocities will be omni present.

Most people do what they do, or do not do what they do not, because of law and moral obligations. But what good is law and moral, if what you strive so hard to protect is coming to an end anyway?

If no matter what you do, the world is going to end, humans are going to be extinct and that you are not going to survive, what would you do?

You would fulfill your lust, your greed and all other desires that you may have but couldn't have because of the social restrictions.

So, if you knew the end of the days is coming, please do not tell. You will only bring the end of the world earlier than what it is suppose to be.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

BTN, my experience

Despite being a Maxis scholar, the scholarship value is most likely NOT enough for my full 3-year PhD course. So, I decided to join UKM, who is willingly to pay whatever difference that I need to complete my PhD. For that I'm indebted to UKM, especially to UKM's VC, Prof Sharifah Hapsah and Head of IMEN, Prof Burhan. Both of them are fantastic individuals.

Contrary to what many people may think, my brief stay in UKM before coming to Cambridge University was actually enlightening. The staff at UKM is incredibly friendly and efficient at their work, much better than my experience as a undergraduate student in UM.

Because I joined UKM, I was required to attend BTN, which has a fairshare of media limelight in recent days. As I was leaving for UK very soon, I have the choice to attend BTN at a later date, butI chose not to do so. I decided to attend this BTN camp in Seremban before I depart for UK because I wanted to see for myself, what is really going on. Before attending BTN, Prof Burhan told me, "just take it like any other course, for the most part it's like national service." I know he was trying to comfort my nerves prior to the camp. Like I said, he's a fantastic individual.

On the first day of the camp, we were told not have any recording devices and were repeatedly told that the content of the camp is under the protection of Official Security Act (OSA). This means that by revealing the content of what is taught in the camp, I am liable to being persecuted by the government. Why is the content protected under OSA when this camp's objectives are to foster nationalism, to foster unity among Malaysians and to teach Malaysian values? OSA is used to protect sensitive contents that could leak out to the public and cause a security threat to the society. How is it possible that leaking information about how to unite Malaysians and how to foster nationalism could be a threat to the security of Malaysia?

The 'trainers' at the BTN had an answer for this. According to him, it was because some elements of the contents of this camp may be manipulated by the opposition to cause stir and affect public confidence.

"Love your country!" I don't see how this sentence could be manipulated to cause stir in anyway possible. Unless, loving your country is not the only thing they teach in the camp.

It's true. By now, most of you would already guess that loving your country is not the only thing they teach in the camp. Though the first few days of the camp was indeed about patriotism and loving your country. During that time, it was very interesting and entertaining. The invited speakers gave talks that are really motivational and for a moment I thought that all the rumours about BTN being a brainwashing camp was just plain rubbish. But I spoke too soon.

Towards the second half of the camp, we entered LDK (Latihan Dalam Kumpulan). The content is a 180 degrees reversal from the earlier part of the camp. The term "social contract" was repeated not less than 1000 times to emphasize that Malays had made a great sacrifice by offering us citizenship during our independence. We were told that opposition and street protest were evil. We were often hinted that the Chinese are 'stronger' and that Malays are 'weaker' therefore Malays need to unite.

I was fortunate to be in group which is more moderate. It'd seem that the organisers knew people like me and my age group that are probably more difficult to be brainwashed were assigned to the same group. So our group only had 'mild' discussions, touching on 'sensitive' issues occasionally but most of the time we were just casually chatting. This was not the case when other groups share their stories with us. According to them, there was a clear brainwash attempt at them to stop supporting the opposition and be wary of the non-Malays.

The good thing is: many other participants that I met in the BTN are actually quite understanding and liberal. They did not agree with all the biased content that was thrown at them. We even joked about how the trainers tried to brainwash them, but they just brushed it aside and say it's plain silly. In them, I can see hope for Malaysia.

The bad thing is: there are people who, for the sake of not failing the camp (because if they do, they will not get the funding from the government to further their study) have resorted to become a complete suck-up to the BN government during discussions, prasing every single thing about the government even when it didn't make sense. For example, there was a discussion about choosing a company to provide consultation. There were 3 choices: 1. Pro government, but incompetent; 2. Pro opposition, competent; 3. International company, very competent. Who would you choose to provide the consultation?

The suck-up defended the 'incompetent' choice from start till end, citing reasons like, "we can train them to be competent (completely ignoring the assumption of the question)" and "government agencies have sensitive documents that cannot be shared with opposition". But they forgot, I'm a debater and I rebutted them all the way until they had nothing to say except repeating, "tak bolehlah, tak boleh, tak boleh, tak betul." To that point, I rest my case.

On the last day of the camp, we had a MCQ test. There were no right or wrong answers. Only stupid answers and the answer that the BN government wants. To pass the test, we had little choice but to choose the 'right' answers, the answers that the government thinks is 'right'.

At this point, there was little doubt in my mind that this BTN camp is indeed a brainwashing camp. But the good thing is, only the trainers are hell-bent on brainwashing. The participants are actually very nice people, in general. I've met a lot of good friends in that camp and I hope we still could get in touch. There are also a lot of very interesting group activities like hiking, aerobics, drama, singing, etc. So it was actually quite fun. To be fair, BTN is only 60% a brainwashing camp. If only the PM department could focus on the other 40%, I would say BTN is definitely an interesting camp to go to.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Why we should vote for Pakatan?

Pakatan will lose because they are complacent:

They forgot that luck played a great role in the last general election win.
They forgot that people voted against BN, not for Pakatan.
They forgot that people voted against Badawi, not for Anwar.
They forgot that people voted against BN because they were unhappy about the economy recession, not because Malaysia lack democracy or freedom of speech or equality.
They forgot that 40% of Malaysians are not registered voters.
They forgot they only have less than 5 years to prove they are capable governers.
They forgot that BN controls everything.

But yet, please, vote for Pakatan.

The reason is simple, I believe in a bi-partisan political system. I believe competition in Parliament will only bring forth the best for the country and for the people. A monopolistic government is not so different as being rule by a dictator. The problem with dictatorship is that it is reliant on one person. I don't believe in one person. I only believe in a system that works. At one moment, this guy could be doing great, the next moment his successor might undo everything. As I've wrote here, democracy is not the most efficient form of government. But it is the best form of government to ensure sustainable development over the long time.

Maybe we disagree on Ketuanan Melayu. Maybe we disagree on the quota imposed on scholarship and national universities. We also disagree on how we should handle the selling of liquors. But let that be discussed and debated. Let's hope that voices on both sides of the aisle are heard and that a decision is made only after that. Let's not hope that one side is being suppressed and force into a decision without a chance to speak. But that is exactly what is happening now, and exactly what would happen if we have a monopolistic government.

Pakatan may not be flawless. But neither is BN. But as it stands now, BN has all the power to make the decisions - right ones and wrong ones. BN will not listen to Pakatan, no matter how rational or reasonable the suggestions could be, and vice versa. The only way out, is not to find a flawless political party that can satisfy the needs of all races at all time. Instead, it is to find competition. It doesn't matter who the competition is, as long as there is competition. As it stands now, Pakatan is the only choice. So, do not choose Pakatan or BN, choose to have competition, choose to have bi-partisan system in Malaysia.

In less than 2 years since the election, many people (like the Hindraf group) have turned against Pakatan. They claimed that Pakatan is "no different from BN". Pakatan is not short of flaws, but to rank Pakatan no different from BN is probably an overstatement. In terms of fighting corruption, ensuring a more transparent government, implementing fair and just policies, BN has always been lagging behind Pakatan. And in the opposite sense, BN has always been leading in front of Pakatan when it comes to detaining people with no reason, abuse of power and corruption. Even when BN makes the right move, once in a while, it was usually due to the pressure from opposition, e.g. investigating the PKFZ scandal. Do Hindraf and all the people who had once supported Pakatan but is now turning their backs, really think that BN would have a higher chance of implementing a fair and just governance, compared to Pakatan?

I do not believe in people. I believe in the system. I believe that what we need is a bi-partisan system. Doesn't matter to me if BN is doing a great job or if Pakatan is lousy. Creating a bi-partisan political system is the only sustainable system that could ensure the long term developement of the country and long term benefit to the people. A bi-partisan creates competition and competition is what keeps corruption at bay and ensure the best for the rakyat. At the moment, there just isn't sufficient competition. BN still controls everything and if the PM wants, he could just easily brush aside all opposition. This is not what we want.

The fact is simple. We're choosing the lesser of two devils. As it is always the case when it comes to politics. It is the same whether it's between the GOP and the Democrats in the US; or between the Tories and the Labour in the UK; we are always choosing the lesser of two devils. And when it comes to this, it's clear which party is more keen on advocating the devil's deeds.

Love seeking women

"Women seek love, by first seeking trouble, then seek men to comfort her out of her troubles."
- sl, Nov 2009

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Cambridge diary 5: Autumn in Cambridge

Strictly speaking, it's already winter. As I'm writing this, the weather outside is 4 degrees and it's going to fall to 0 in the next few days.

As I've posted about winter, spring and summer in Cambridge, this post about autumn in Cambridge would probably complete the four seasons. So there you go, some pictures of autumn in Cambridge.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Cambridge diary 4: Summer in Cambridge

It's waaaaaaaay past summer now in Cambridge. But I realised I haven't post any thing on my blog about summer in cambridge. So here it goes...

Summer is the time for geese to swim

Summer is a time for BBQ

Summer is a time for playing in the field

Summer is a time to lie on the green grass and read your favourite books

Summer is a time when the river Cam is having a traffic congestion

Summer is the time to visit the colleges too

Italy trip

Dad, Mom and I went to Italy few weeks ago. The trip began in the most horrible way.

1. I lost my passport in the taxi.
2. No one brought a camera.
3. We bought a brand new camera only to find out that the power source/plug in Italy doesn't fit.
4. We came from London where the weather is 17 degrees and touched down in Rome where it was having the same weather in Malaysia.
5. We found out, the hard-way, that Italians don't really queue. Pretty much like Malaysia. (In fact, just drop a Coliseum next to KLCC and I bet we won't notice any difference between Rome and KL)

Funny enough though, bad things started to clear out one by one. The taxi driver returned my passport and we somehow found an 'adapter' that worked with our camera. And it all began after we 'met' the Pope at the Vatican City.

It's hard to believe that a trip that started so badly, turned out to be one of the most memorable one for me. I had a great time. And I think dad and mom had a great time too! (check out my dad's blog post on this). Rome, Venice, Florence and Lake Garda were fantastic and I would like to share some pictures here.

Respecting other people...

Religion is the worst thing that could happen to you if it doesn't teach you to respect other people's culture and beliefs.

-sl 2009

Thursday, October 1, 2009

in pursuit of fame

You do not pursue fame. It just happens to you.

- sl, Oct 2009

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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Approaching autumn

Leaves are falling...
Greens are fading...
Autumn is coming...


得到的回应都是,“who are you?"
我简单回答,“shin liang”


我记得大四的时候,雪琴有一次没有回复我的SMS,我就很狠狠地骂了她,说他没礼貌 。回想起来有点不好意思。这一点,我有点像我爸 - 我爸也是完全完全不能接受一个人说了“i'll get back to you”而没有"get back to you”的人。这也难怪我在辩论队会被称为“打压”亮或美国亮(注:美国很喜欢打压其他弱小国家,所以打压亮 = 美国亮 )。


Tuesday, September 8, 2009




老板即刻道歉,并卑佢多两粒鱼蛋。 但是小明不要。佢对老板话, “我要你拿走那个人两粒鱼蛋!”。没办法之下,老板跟另外一个人要回2粒鱼蛋。那个人虽然少了2粒鱼蛋,但是他还是很高兴地在品尝他手里仅有的2粒鱼蛋。于是乎,小明又投诉,“点解佢没左两粒鱼蛋还可以这么高兴?但是我甘伤心?唔得老板,你要整佢吃鱼蛋同我一样伤心!甘先至公平!”





Bertolak ansur...

Mohd Ridhuan Tee...and along with many Malay supremacist always claim that we, as Malaysians, have to bertolak ansur. Most of the time, they claim that they had 'bertolak ansur' and 'bertimbang rasa' so much that they are almost like saints but yet the rest are still just ungrateful. Similarly, 'the rest' i.e. the non-Malays too feel they had 'bertolak ansur'. So, who is right?

First, let's try to understand what bertolak ansur means.

Imagine a working husband and house wife. The husbands work very hard and very often until very late. He expects that when he got home, he would be going back to a loving wife that would smile and hug him. Instead, upon reaching home, his wife would usually show a sour face and was not responsive when he tried to tell her about his work. He cannot take it anymore. He hasn't said anything for years, he had 'bertolak ansur'. But today he cannot take it anymore and so he confronted his wife. "Why you cannot put on a smile? You hate me is it? I work so hard everyday and feel so tired when I reach home. The least I expect is for you to give me a nice warm hug. I have been trying to be nice, kept quiet and tolerating for all this years, why can't you understand?"

But you see, the wife too wasn't very happy. "Why can't you spend more time with me? All I expect is for you to spend at least 3 days a week with me. Sarah's husband spend the entire weekend with her, but all I get is just one lousy day per week. That's all the time you have for me. I am the one who has been tolerating you all this while!", the wife complained.

So who is the one who has been tolerating? Who is the real person who 'bertolak ansur'? The husband expects to be hugged. When he doesn't get that but yet he swallows it and doesn't complain, HE FEELS that he is tolerating. Likewise, the wife expects more time with her husband, when she doesn't get that but doesn't complain, SHE TOO FEELS that she is tolerating.

So the key to toleration or bertolak ansur is this - EXPECTATION. When we fail to live up to the expectation of the others and yet did nothing to show our displeasure openly, we then say we have tolerated. Toleration doesn't indicate understanding. Toleration is the inaction at a particular dissatisfaction. And in theory, if both parties set an unreasonably high expectation, both of them is going to be disappointed and will be in the endless vicious cycle of tolerating each other - tormenting themselves in the process. In the husband and wife's case, one can argue that their expectations are actually reasonable, they only needed better communication.

But what of our Malaysia's politics? Who is tolerating who? What were our expectations?

The Malay supremacist feel that they are the one tolerating because they EXPECT this land to belong to them for eternity. And therefore by allowing your citizenship, they are doing a great favor for the non-Malays, they are tolerating.

The Non-Malays, especially those born in this new generation knew Malaysia first. Not China or India. They were born as Malaysians. Thus they EXPECT that they are just like any other Malaysians, whom deserve to live and work and be granted equal rights - at least in most areas. But as they grew up, they soon realised that unlike their other fellow Malaysians, it is more difficult for them to go into local Uni or to get scholarships, they have to pay extra for houses, work harder for promotions, and have to move their temples far far away. Yet most of them said nothing. They too thought they must have been the one tolerating all the time.

So the question remains, whose EXPECTATION is the more reasonable one? To expect this land to belong solely to a particular race? Or to expect that we are treated equally?

As reference to my previous post here. This may be straight forward if you are seeing purely from a Chinese or Malay or Indian point of view. But not so easy if you look at Malaysia as a whole.

Whatever it is that you have come to conclusion, it is important not to say that the other have not tolerated. Because that is not true. So for a jerk like Mohd Ridhuan Tee, who in my opinion is neither Malay nor Chinese, please don't try to portray your holiness by claiming how much you have tolerated. I had enough of tolerating you!

Monday, September 7, 2009



其实,我觉得巫统这步棋很有策略性。民联静静不做事,民联会违背自己对选民的诺言;你大声喊“捉”,他就说你以前叫我不要禁止游行,为何现在却来出尔反尔;你妥协,把印度庙建在附近的另一个地方,极端的游行就会变得越来越普遍;你说他们极端,他就说‘所以嘛,内按法令、煽动法令是有用的’;然后最后王牌就是在雪州制造一个迷你513事件,然后夺权--如Razak usurped Rahman的方法一样--宣布紧急状态,成立中央委员接管雪州。到时又多一个50年的借口让巫统实行‘扶弱政策’。

面对这样极端、无礼的示威,希山首先是维护示威者,然后再改口风。所制造的印象可以是:“他不想的,但是现在非马来人越来越放肆,在他们的要求和压力下,我不得不 ‘屈服’ ”。但也可以是:“你看!我们这个政府还是听取人民的意见的”。



District 9 - The movie.

Hollywood has been churning out abysmal movies one after another. Harry Potter, Transfomers 2, Terminator 2, etc. It's just more and more computer graphics, with less and less acting and storyline. But 'district 9' is a re-fresher. This is by far the best movie I've ever watched for the past 2 years at least. (although the 'movie' of the cow head protest and Dato Hishamuddin's defence of the 'cow herds' are quite interesting as well)

Although district 9 is produced in Hollywood, I guarantee you it ISN'T THE TYPICAL Hollywood sci-fi action movie. If you like transformers 2, where there's no plot, no story, no acting no nothing, but just loads of computer graphics (CG) and a lots of scenes showing megan fox's 'clashes of peaks' then THIS IS NOT FOR YOU. Go away! Shooo! But instead, if you are looking for a good movie - one with good acting, story line and a good blend of sci fi and action then PLEASE GO AND WATCH DISTRICT 9 NOW!

Don't be fooled by it's abysmal trailer and posters. The producer (Peter Jackson) probably did not have much funds for post-production promotions. Also, many of you, like me, may be put off by the 'cloverfield' or 'blair witch project' type of camera handling in this movie. But please don't, because this will only be a small part of the movie and the camera handling is much better compared to 'blair witch project' that the 'shaking' of the camera was just nice to create the effect of realism, not dizziness.

At the beginning of the movie, many may feel it was a let down because the colour of the movie is slightly 'dull' and not as colourful or vivid as the typical Hollywood movie. It gives the impression that this is a B grade movie. But there is a purpose in that - the director tries to make the movie like a documentary, with key witnesses and analyst recalling the key events that took place during the entire incident. From the animation of the aliens and, later, from the animation of the alien weapons you can see that the movie is capable of making excellent CG.

The story was adapted from a short movie about apartheid in the South Africa. In fact, there was a district 6 during the Apartheid days. And fittingly, this entire movie was shot in Johannesburg. Instead of about the segregation of whites and the blacks, this movie is about the segregation between the human race and the aliens. The aliens are refugees who are severely malnourished when they arrived in Earth. A district was setup for the aliens to camp on our planet and receive aid. But soon, this district was abandoned and turned into a slum. Just like humans, the aliens soon become victims of social problems in the district. But this, is just the beginning of the story...the real story begins when you found out that the aliens were intentionally prohibited from leaving Earth because someone wanted to get hold of their awesome alien weaponry. You will follow the story through a unlikely 'hero', Wikus, who is in charge of evicting the aliens to a new district. (Don't worry so far there's no spoiler. I haven't reveal anything beyond what is shown in the trailers.)

A good movie connects with the audience. In order to do that and to develop the story properly, the movie must lay down the complex background story and the make you understand the main characters of the movie in the shortest time possible. So the first 10 minutes is just the setting of the plot. But the plot slowly unravels in a very nice pace as the movie goes on. Have some patience, and I guarantee you that the movie is worth your time. The events that could be confusing at first, will make sense towards the end.

This is a very good movie, and I highly recommend it. Three thumbs up!


The infamous Cow incident.

The mainstream media has but suppressed all information about it, screw thestar and utusan! Spread the news and judge for yourself.


1:54 "Jaga-jaga...Kami cabar...andai awak ingat lihat tumpahan darah"

2:53 (this is heard from the background when the speaker stepped on the cow head) "Yeah...hahaha... (clap clap clap)"

3:12 "Kami pijak kepala lembu ini...hadiah kepada Khalid Ibrahim..." (and then a small kid appeared to be 'fascinated' by all these and joined the crowd in stepping onto the cow's head -- don't blame him, he had plenty of 'role models' there)

5:07 "Ada orang rasa kami biadap...tapi yang bertanggungjawab mengajar kami biadap adalah Khalid Ibrahim..." (WTH??? yeah blame it on the people, that's very mature)

but this is my 'favourite' part la...

5:25 (the journalist asks 'kenapa bawa kepala lembu? apa maksudnya?') "Errrrr..." (obviously taken aback by the question) "Sebenarynya, kepala lembu bukan daripada kami.........kepala lembu daripada individu-individu yang marah....inilah yang kami takut - tindakan daripada segelintir individu yang ekstreme ini (tapi bukan kami la)..."

Eh, kata orang ni kepala lembu daripada individu yang marah, bukan daripadanya. Tapi dia sekarang amat marah and dia pula pijak atas kepala lembu juga. Maka, jangan nafikan lagi, dialah segelintir individu ekstrem yang marah dan menakutkan yang dia sendiri cerita tu!

I'm sure after seeing this, you don't feel very well. It's ok. Our Home Minister, Dato Hishamuddin assures you that everything is fine. Look at the video below, I'm sure you'll feel better after that.

And now, MCMC is asking Malaysiakini to take down these two videos. MCMC says it is inciting hatred. Who is? The video or the people in the video? But hang on, why does Dato Hishamuddin's press conference video clip also considered inciting hatred? Wah MCMC, you berani a, you are saying our Home Minister inciting hatred.

But of course, I don't find anything seditious about this protest. It doesn't create any threat to harmony or unity among races in Malaysia. And I certainly do not feel threaten. And oh btw, Malaysia always have freedom of speech what, so their protest is completely ok. I see now why Dato Hishamuddin sees nothing wrong with it. I too can see like him now...It's like what UMNO says - 1 Malaysia. So let it be and peace shall prevail.

This is exactly why I support Dato Hishamuddin's decision to use the police force to detain peaceful candle light vigils, people wearing black shirt and all other forms of protest by the opposition but instead asked the police to stand aside and allow angry protestors to bring a cow head still freshly dripping with blood. It's got good effect don't you think? And just in case you are wondering, the cow has nothing to do with Hindhusim. It's just purely coincidental that the beheaded animal for effect is a cow and the protestors are protesting about a Hindhu temple, which treats cow as a sacred animal.

And the latest news is: protesters from a candle light vigil were IMMEDIATELY detained and jailed by the police force. So let me see what does this mean: IT IS OK TO BRING BLOODIED COW HEAD TO A PROTEST BUT NOT OK TO BRING CANDLES. I can surely see the threat of the candle bigger than cow head, I mean, you could set KL on fire overnight!


NOTE1: just in case you don't get it, the last three paragraphs in italics are pure sarcasm.

NOTE2: i'm very very sure that this does NOT reflect the majority of Malays, Muslims or Malaysians. but nevertheless the numbers of such people in Malaysia are significant enough to make a political case.

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Thursday, September 3, 2009

I dreamed a dream

"Now life has killed the dream I dreamed..."

Some can sing it to the perfect tune, but none that I've seen so far, can sing it with such emotions that bring the story to life. The story behind the music, that's what is most important, isn't it?

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Merdeka! Merdeka!

This is the best National Day youtube movie la!
Happy National Day my dear fellow Malaysians!

Another excellent MV on 1 Malaysia...excellent music.
(why all the better MVs on 1 Malaysia are NOT done by governments?)

Compare the above two with this!!!!! (the so-called official video for 1 Malaysia)
5 seconds into the music I 'sien' already...


Saturday, August 29, 2009

Letting go

I can't always be right...let it go

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

giving directions...

No offense meant, but I find that in general females are poor in giving directions...

"You go straight, keep on straight, then when you see junction, then you turn la"
"You go straight, then turn at ESSO la..."
"Go to the round-a-bout then just turn..."
"It's near the shop-lots..."
"I can see Tesco opposite me..."
"When you see traffic light, then turn left..."

These are just some of the very misleading and confusing directions. Let me tell you what's wrong with them...

"You go straight, keep on straight, then when you see junction, then you turn la"
- What kind of junction? T-junction? or just a junction to the left? turn which direction? left or right?

"You go straight, then turn at ESSO la..."
- there's more than 500 ESSO stations in Malaysia, turn at which ESSO station? It is not uncommon to have more than one ESSO stations in close proximity to each other

"Go to the round-a-bout then just turn..."
- typical round-a-bouts have 3 exits. Turn out to which exit?

"It's near the shop-lots..."
- Too vague. What you think is near, may not be near for the driver. Besides, shop-lots are usually surrounded by roads, so when you say near it doesn't indicate which road precisely.

"I can see Tesco opposite me..."
- There's nothing opposite you. Only the road can be opposite you if you are driving, unless you are at a T-junction. Although it is not wrong to say some landmarks are opposite you, it doesn't serve any purpose if you cannot identify the landmarks to a particular road. For all you know, you can see KL Twin towers opposite you in roads across Klang, Shah Alam and Sungai Buloh. So what good is it that you tell someone this? Therefore you should only specify landmarks at the two sides of the road that you are currently on.

"When you see traffic light, then turn left..."
- this is very confusing because the driver would need to know to turn BEFORE, AT or AFTER the traffic light.

Below are some tips for giving good directions:

1. It must be unique, i.e. the directions must lead you to the destination no matter which point of reference the driver is looking at.
e.g. if you say "go straight along Jalan Damansara from Victoria Station" there's actually two ways to view this (not unique). If you go from Victoria Station towards HELP institute it is "along Jalan Damansara", but if you go from Victoria Station towards Damansara Utama it is also "along Jalan Damansara". Hence the driver may get confused. The better way to say this is, "If you are along Jalan Damansara and ALSO if Victoria Station is on your left..." then it is unique - you would have to be on the road going towards HELP institute.

2. For a direction to be unique, two points must be speficied (mathematically this is also true, i.e. on a surface, a unique line or direction can only be obtained when at least two points are specified)
e.g. "Turn left at ESSO" can never be unique. Consider that ESSO is on your left when you are driving up a hill. Turning left means you turn towards the ESSO petrol station. If you are now driving down the hill, ESSO will be on your right. So the direction "turn left at ESSO" would actually mean turning AWAY from the petrol station, i.e. going to the right if you are going uphill. So there could be two different situations (not unique) given the same direction.

3. Use landmarks
Landmarks are buildings or icons or billboards that are easily seen by the driver. It is probably the most useful tool in giving directions. But care must be taken in using landmarks:

i. Use landmarks that are uncommon
e.g. if you use ESSO petrol station as landmarks, please do take note that there is possibility that 2 ESSO stations could be in the same vicinity. If you are thinking of using a tree as a landmark, forget it! This is because there's millions of trees in Malaysia. The driver would never be able to guess which tree you are referring to. (No Kelapa Sawit won't do either). Don't even try giving direction by saying "turn left at this big tree". It's a big NO NO!!

ii. Use landmarks that are closest (preferably along the two sides of the road you are currently on). Landmarks that are most visible may not be the best landmarks because it is so visible, i.e. it can be seen by many people at many locations, it doesn't give a unique direction/location of your wherabouts (refer to 1). But sometimes, visible landmarks are useful when you are completely lost. Because this would at least indicate your approximate location.

iii. Remember that landmarks can only ASSIST the driver in finding the destination, it doesn't define the final location completely. Never give directions, using ONLY landmarks. e.g. don't say "my house is next to TESCO. Because there is at least a few rows of shops and houses next to any TESCO."

Thursday, August 13, 2009



马华对国家发展不完全是没有功劳。翁诗杰也有做对的时候。翁诗杰在面对我国媒体被打压以及马来前锋报煽动种族情绪的报道时“沉默是金”,是应该被严厉地谴责。我也认为,马华在这个课题上,简直是“缩头乌龟”,没得救。但是翁诗杰揭发PKFZ丑闻的处理手法,在我看来,比林冠英处理Kg. Buah Pala 来得更专业。面对过去几届总会长留下来的烂摊子,你如果是他,你会怎么做?有可能做得更好吗?不要忘记,PKFZ与马华以及过去几届的交通部长是息息相关的。 他没有办法狠到像反对党要求的那样。在他的情况下,该做的,可以做的,都已经做了。

然而,有眼睛的人都可以看得到,他因为把张庆信的Kuala Dimensi的舞弊行为公告天下而惹来后者的攻击与诬蔑。许多反对党的人看到国阵内讧了,都在那里拍桌叫好,抱着幸灾乐祸,隔岸观火的态度。他们也许在想“这回应该有好戏看咯!”这种反应可以理解。但是,就连反对党的人都应该看得出来,这是张庆信“报复”的方法,其言论的真实性是非常有争议的。正如,翁诗杰自己说的,如果他确实有拿过这笔钱,他何必这么积极调查PKFZ的亏损呢?在PKFZ上,一方是揭发者,另一方是“受害者”。谁是“好人”应该很明显。如果,换作是反对党在面对同样的情况,民联早已经大声放话说有“大阴谋”。

就好像当雪兰莪民联政府因为啤酒时间闹翻时,我们对于国阵的煽风点火,“趁他病,拿他命”的做法感觉到非常不满意。如今,这种“内乱”也发生在国阵。反对党还不是抱着一样的心态吗?千万不要抱着“你做初一,我做十五”,或是“投我一桃,报之以李”的心态。英文一句话说得很好,“two wrongs do not make a right"。

不管你是在朝在野,你都是为人民做事,为国家做事。如果,你认为翁诗杰对于PKFZ的调查是真诚的,有利于为人民与国家讨回公道的。那么,不管你是在朝在野,希望你会支持他,甚至帮忙他解除“障碍”。你可以以“每日3问”的方式继续盘问他,给他更多的意见 ,甚至谴责他调查行动缓慢。但是当有“坏人”成为障碍时,或是有人“恶人先告状”,或是他被人家暗算时,我们为何不应该“保护”他?难道把PKFZ的丑闻调查得水落石出不是大家想要的吗?



Monday, August 10, 2009

The end of knowledge

Of all the abilities that a man possesses, nothing is more important than the ability to transfer knowledge from a generation to the next. Human's life-span in the early days must have been somewhere between 20 -40 years old. Without the ability to transfer knowledge to our next generation, there would be very little progress in the development of our civilisation.

Through language, we transfer our knowledge in the form of story-telling. This is the earliest method that we use to transfer knowledge. But we all know that this is not a very efficient one because stories that are passed on from generation to generation are very susceptible to errors. After a few generations, the border between facts and fiction blurred, real knowledge became fairy tales.

Then, we developed writing and books. This was an important milestone. Information and knowledge that are contained within books or other form of earlier writings (whether it's on the rocks or tree skins) survived for many generations. Information was passed on accurately, withstood the harshest weather and test of time. Even now, we can still see discoveries of caves with ancient writings that are more than 3000 years old.

About a century ago, camera allowed us to store information and knowledge in the form of a picture. And more recently, the development of optical devices like CD, DVD and magnetic storage devices like MRAM, our thumbdrives and HDDs have revolutionise the way we keep information and thus our ability to transfer knowledge.

Our photos, 1000s of them, are in our camera, memory cards, flickr or thumbdrive and some in our portable HDDs; Our diaries, are on the internet - blogs, homepages, etc - which are stored in the server's HDDs somewhere in the world; Our contacts and addresses and to-do-list are on Excel spreadsheets, notepad, or some other form of electronic application stored in our thumbdrive which we carry with us all the time; Our books are in pdf format, stored in our computers; Our birth certificates and other important documents are scanned into tiff format and stored in HDDs or other magnetic storage devices; Libraries all over the world are turning into an electronic one, e.g. storing older books (that are already crumbling) in the formed of scanned digital copy.

I'm sorry I've written a rather long introduction, but yes, until here, it's only the introduction. Because the important point I want to make is this - are the methods of information/knowledge storage improving? Are CDs, DVDs and e-books better than the plain old paper books? The advantages of digital data storage are obvious. They retain information that doesn't fade with time, e.g. a typical paper book printed in 1990 would probably by now have a few pages that are fading and becoming brittle, but ebook doesn't suffer from this; Digital data are easily transferred from a point to another; They are easily managed because they are composed of a series of 1s and 0s; Their capacity are huge, e.g. a few DVDs the thickness of a regular book could probably fit in all the information contained in a typical school library. It would seem that our methods of storing information are actually better and have improved. So it seems that there are little signs that our capability to store information and knowledge would end.

But here's the catch. Two, in fact. And they go hand-in-hand. Firstly, although the writings on books and rocks may fade over the years, they are still legible after thousands of years. Digital data storage on the other hand stores information in, well, digital format which means that one error (a flipping of 0 to 1 or vice versa) would make the entire data corrupted and completely useless (FYI, I know there is error coding, but it isn't sufficient). Secondly, and more importantly, how long do you think a USB thumbdrive, HDD or CD could retain information?

USB thumbdrive? 1 year. Yes, after 1 year, it will lose some or all the information stored in it. Transistors-based storage devices like USB stores information by storing charge. When they are not in use, some charge will be leaking. Although small in quantity, but over time it could be significant enough to flip the data bit from 1 to 0. That is why, if you read carefully the instructions booklet, they always ask you plug it into a PC at least once a year. This is to restore/recharge the charge.

CD, DVD and other optical disks stores information by having 'dents' that reflects lights differently, thus indicating a 1 or 0. Over time, about 20-30 years, these dents loses their ability to reflect lights properly. Because these things are built with such 'accuracy' and each 'dent' is very small, any slight degradation in the material is sufficient to reflect the light wrongly. Therefore, again, flipping a 1 to 0.

Magnetic storage devices (like our HDD) stores information on magnetic particles that have tiny magnets pointing in either two directions, thus indicating 1 or 0. But over the years, heat will cause these tiny magnets to slowly rotate and point in a random direction. After about 100 years, the magnets will be sufficiently random that our magnet heads would not be able to determine if it was a 1 or 0. Our digital data is once again, lost.

In fact, I've just read a journal paper that did a study on the reliability and the life-span of our modern information storage devices. The outcome of the study is that most of our so-called advanced storage devices will not last up to a century. Therefore, it advices that these devices need to be periodically 'updated' or 're-backup'.

But what if there is a war. A terrible war. World war 3, perhaps, that was fortunately not to wipe-off the human race but did a terrible damage to countries all over the world. Would the backup and update happen? It has happened in our history, war-torn countries have their libraries burnt. But some surviving books and cave-writing or other forms of 'older' information storage devices was buried under the sands and rocks, waiting to be discovered by archaeologist many many years later. But is this possible with our USB thumbdrive, CD, DVD and HDD? I'm afraid not.

Our reliance on these so-called modern technology would one day spell the end of our knowledge. All will be lost. All the archaeologist could find are rubbles, pieces of broken CDs and thumbdrives, where all the information about our once glorious civilisation will all be gone.

Of course, this may not happen. If we are able to avert a worldwide massive war or if we invent a 'better' device. But I doubt the former will happen. And seeing the trend of current technology and engineering to prefer simple, easy devices with little long-sightedness, I doubt the latter will happen too. Think about it, we always design, develop and engineer products so that they are fancy, sellable, funky, fast, easy and lasts long enough until the next product is out - which is approximately 3 years or even shorter for some devices. My first PC lasted me 10 years. My last PC lasted only 2 years; The camera my dad bought when I was still a kid lasted 10 years, my last digital camera lasted 3 years before becoming obsolete.

Yes, the end of knowledge will be here. Pray that it will not happen in our generation. Or the next.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

wrecked phone, new phone...

I sent my phone for repair due to a faulty keypad.
They returned me a brand new phone.


Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Getting sick in the UK

I once told my friend that even if you have money, you can die of hunger in the UK, this is because the shops here close as early as 3.30pm during the weekends and during X'mas, there would even be no shops opened for two entire days. So if you forgot to stock up food, you won't be able to find any and will just have to starve to death. It's just as barren as Africa during these times.

Now, I've found out that even if you have a clinic right in front of your house, you could still die of minor ailment in the UK.

Yes, I've been sick for the past 3 days - fever and sore throat. It is only after three days that I've decided to see doctor. In Malaysia, most people would have already called me nuts. In fact, if I'm working, I can't afford to just rest my way to health again like this. But it's different here. Clinics don't admit patients with 'minor ailments' (so sombong!?).

I went to the clinic today, saying that I have this symptoms for days. The receptionist replied, "Ok, the next appointment is Tuesday". "But today is Wednesday," I said. "Oh? I meant next week Tuesday, you can come to see the doctor then.'s urgent." WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fine. I try to push my luck.

"But my throat hurts really bad, even when I swallow and when I touch my neck I think I can feel the inflammation. So is it urgent?"

"For minor ailments please see the pharmacist" WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, so I went to see the pharmacist. He thinks I've got throat infection but he cannot give me antibiotics unless prescribed by a doctor. (So you are asking me to see a doctor?) I feel like I'm being push around, for something as simple as mild fever and sorethroat. WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Then I said, "Just to be sure, how do I know if this isn't swine flu?". "Well, if your temperature is not constantly above 38 degrees, is likely that it isn't swine flu." "Ok, give me a thermometer then," I said. "But we've run out of stock for thermometer and the queue for the stock is very long. I think it is very difficult to find any thermometer because they are all probably sold out."

So I'm screwed!

I have sorethroat but no access to antibiotics and have no way to check if I have a swine flu or if my condition is critical until I see the doctor which is, oh btw, one week from now! WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Are the profession of a medical doctor here in UK a protected species? C'mon, you should work like the GPs do in Malaysia! So for those of you who think that grass is always greener on the other side - think again. Malaysia ain't that bad. We may not have the best equipments, but we dedicated medical staff.

On a separate note, it's a good way how in the UK they distribute the workload between a GP and a pharmacist. My friend Tey Xin Yi would be proud. She is a pharmacist and she once told me that there's a constant 'struggle' between the GPs and pharmacist - in Malaysia GPs do everything from diagnosing to prescription of medicine. Pharmacist is only a sales girl/man at the counter selling drugs. Xin Yi always said that she felt pharmacist should be given a bigger role. Well, come to UK then.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

A tribute to Yasmin Ahmad...R.I.P.

I can't believe this!! Just a few hours ago, Yasmin Ahmad has passed away.

I grew up watching her ads. And they have touched me, taught me and entertained me countless of times. I've used her ads for my one of my post here. The ads always convey a simple philosophical point, but yet these philosophies are so simple that they often slips our mind amidst our busy modern life pursuing money and fame. Her ads, especially during CNY and Hari Raya, have never failed to get us in the mood and give us a good laugh.

And her movies - Sepet and Gubra have no doubt brought many different races in Malaysia together.

She has done more to the unity of Malaysia than our UMNO govt. and it is a great loss to Malaysia that she has passed away. Let's pay tribute to a great Malaysian.

Below here are some of the ads directed by her.

Funeral - Ironically, I think this is the best ad she has made, which is also hyperlinked above. Must see!

Merdeka Sunat - Who can forget this Sunat ad? For those who doesn't know what 'sunat' means, it means circumcision!! I love the last part, "Ada kasi balik a?" "Eh boleh tengok a?" "Aku sepak a..."

How do you spell dinosaur? - "Race? What is race? race car ah?". Kids know no race. Well said!

CNY Old folk's home - This has to be one of the best CNY ads I've ever seen. For those of you who are busy out there pursuing your dreams, don't forget your parents back at home!

CNY ad - The last scene reminds me of the good old days when my dad would brought 'tonnes' of durians back from Terengganu and we will open it one by one in our living hall. We will try to locate the position to split open these thorny fruits. Not only does it taste good, it was fun too. These days, durians are sold in packages - where's the fun in it?

Iklan Raya - it reminded me. when i was still young, watching a movie, i would always ask my parents 100000 times why this character this and why that character that and is he still alive and why did he died, etc. Now that i've grown up, I sometimes lose that patience when my parents ask me the EXACT same question.

R.I.P. Yasmin Ahmad.

My new room...

I wrote about how I "adore" my previous room - it's small, next to the dirty kitchen, dirty bathrooms, etc...

I've since moved into my new room. Having lived in hell, anything is better. But this new room, is waaaaay better. It's like I'm living in a single bedroom hotel, with en-suite bathroom.

The bathroom is nice.

I've got a nice view.

Plenty of space to walk around. Plenty of cabinet space.

Large study table (this is super duper important for PhD students okay?!)

Clean and hi-tech-looking kitchen.

And own fridge and cabinet in the kitchen!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Things we cannot agree to disagree...

There are no 'if's in history. But there's no point of studying history if we do not put 'if's into the events that transpired in our history.

Imagine, if today in North America there exist the Federation States of the Red Indian (much like the Federeation States of Malay) instead of United States of America. If the real 'king of the soil' (bumiputera) of the North America is given a choice between establishing their own federation states and the united states of 'foreigners', what would they choose?

Would the Red Indians, the real natives of the North American soil, choose U.S.A.? After all, the 'foreigners' had brought technology and wealth to the land and it has proven to be one of the most successful countries in recent history. Or would the natives rather remain backward and poor than to have a forward, developed country that is not their own?

It is pretty clear that culturally, economically and politically U.S. of A. is an extension of Europe. There's little Red Indian identity left in the land of U.S.A. And therefore, I would bet that if given a choice, the Red Indians would have chosen the latter.

This, is exactly the same question that is facing the bumiputeras in Malaysia. They would rather Malaysia develop slower than to have a fast-developing Malaysia which has lost all the identities of a Malay land. However, it is extremely arguable if the non-Malays in Malaysia are at the same level of threat to the Malays like the European explorers were to the Red Indians.

Regardless, the Malays would of course want to retain the Malay identity on this land; while the non-Malays would want equality. The Malays would fear that by granting complete equality, the Malay identify may all be lost. This is also what Tun Dr. M was trying to say on his blog (here, which I replied here). I believe there are things where we can all agree to disagree. This is one of them, as it is only natural for one to fight for his/her own ethnicity, just as I would for mine. But there are things which we cannot and should never disagree on. Corruption is one. Murder is another.

Although I cannot agree with Ketuanan Melayu, I can understand why some would advocate it. But I will never agree and never forgive people who agrees to violence, murder, corruption and other evil means to achieve this end.

For the Malaysians out there. I beg you. You can differ with me, you can differ with the stance of PKR and DAP on NEP, on the allocation of funds to Chinese schools, on the teaching medium in government schools, on the application of syariah laws. But please, please, do not differ with me in saying no to corruption, murder and abuse of power. And for that, it is rather obvious that UMNO is manipulating the media, MACC, the police and the jurisdiction. It is obvious that the most severe corruption is happening in UMNO everyday. Take part in the elections and observe the UMNO election engines during this period, and I'm sure you'll know what I mean. Ask your friends who are working in the (non-UMNO controlled) media if they receive 'instructions' on what to report and what not to. Take the implementation of ISA as another example. Advocates of this draconian law always argue that such law is useful in extreme situations, such as in the capturing of terrorist. They would then say that after 911, U.S.A's Patriot Act is not any different from our ISA. But how many times have ISA been invoked to capture REAL terrorist? So some would then argue that the law itself is 'useful', but it is the abuse of the law that is causing the trouble. Since nothing is perfect and everything is subjected to abuse, ISA is OK, so they claimed. I've written something about this here, and I reiterate that if a law is susceptible to abuse then it should be amended or abolished. Since by definition, ISA will lack transparency, accountability and methods for check-and-balance, it is by definition impossible to be amended. Therefore the only way is to abolish it. The refusal for UMNO to abolish this law and their constant use of this law for their own political benefit is the most glaring proof of corruption within the organisation.

There are of course excellent individuals in UMNO, which I know them and respect them personally. But the core of the organisation is rotten and corrupted. UMNO, in trying to fight for the Malay's cause, which in itself is noble, but sadly has resorted to abuse of power and corruption. Former happened because they fear that if they lose power, they will no longer be able to continue their fight. The latter is simply due to greed. While we can all disagree on issues such as whether Malaysia truly belongs to all Malaysians or should the Malay be the Master of the land (Ketuanan Melayu), we should all say no to corruption, murder and abuse of power. They should NOT and NEVER be used to achieve such ends, no matter how noble the ends could be.

And so, in view of the recent death of Teoh Boon Hock, I urge UMNO to stop politicizing it. For once, do the right thing.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

put yourself in that shoe

I read about Tun Dr. M's latest blog post way before any press reported about it. The post began with someone asking him how he would feel if he were non-Malay living under the 'discriminative' policies of Malaysia. Tun, however, answered how the Malay would have feel if there were no such policies. Clever spin.

He indicated clearly that Malay is the Tuan of the country and that NEP should be supported. I do not disagree too much with him on this matter...however...this is the comment I left on his blog (I thought I was the first to comment)


You are avoiding the question. The question was, how would you feel if you were put into the non-Malay's shoes. But you answered, how WE SHOULD FEEL if we were put into Malay's shoes.

I agree that social engineering is required. but...

1. We, the non-Malays, hope that the Malays (or more precisely the UMNO govt.) can show some compassion and understanding that those non-Malays like me have to endure sufferings too. Especially since we are born way way after independence, we were born into this world knowing only one thing - we are Malaysians but told that we are not-so-Malaysians along the way as we grow. But the govt. has never show such understanding, only threats and constant reminders of Mei 13.

2. There has to be a limit to this social engineering. There should be a time where help is given to those who need it regardless of race. if it is malay who sought help, so be it. But please render help to the poor chinese too. IT IS NOT TRUE that Chinese lives in big bungalow houses whereas Malay lives in setinggan. I'll admit, that the chinese middle-class may still be 'richer', but the Malay elites who own big enterprises, big houses and big cars in this new decade definitely outnumbers the non-Malays.

3. It is also not true that Bahasa Cina dan Bahasa Tamil 'dibenarkan' sebagai bahasa pengantar di sekolah bantuan kerajaan. Kerajaan has always wanted to shut them up, if not for the constant 'fight' that we put up over the past decades against the education ministry. Lin Lian Yu, a chinese educationist, has his citizenship revoked for this. Why has it been revoked jika ia dibenarkan?

4. Fair and same is different. But I would like hear how you differentiate it. In Malaysia's situation, it's definitely not 'same', but your article here implied that it is 'fair'. Why so? Because it helps the 'original' tuan?

Finally, saya tidak akan cap Tun racist because I have a lot of respect for you. Your intelligence and charisma is second to none in the world, let there be no doubt on that. Just like how you cleverly spun this question from 'how you feel if you are a non-Malay' to 'how we should feel if we are Malay’.

Please answer the question.

Monday, July 20, 2009

In remembrance ...

This movie clip was taken from my friend, Serdang's MP, Teo Nie Ching's website. I was also reading Earn Yee's blog at the same time. Coincidentally, with the 'amazing grace' music as background, the feel was right - and I highly recommend playing both together. (not withstanding with a flurry of my own personal frustrations in recent days, this has added to my own sorrowness).

I respect that Teoh Boon Hock was not a christian. Neither am I. But Amazing Grace has nothing to with religion. To me, this is in remembrance of the utter injustice we Malaysians suffered. Let us not forget.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

dead men tell no tales

It's a classic.

First, a Mongolian girl (she-who-must-not-be-named) was found dead. The conspiracy theory goes that she was killed by a 'high' ranking politician in Malaysia. In case if you are wondering how high? It's very high, way way way high up, like at the tip of the pyramid.

Then, a video clip shows that a 'prominent' lawyer was 'choosing' our Chief Judge. Correct, correct, correct!! You did not hear me wrong, a lawyer is choosing the Chief Judge. Although the video clip may not be sufficient evidence to convict him of criminal judges, but in the eyes of the plain people, it has tell us enough.

Later, Kugan was found dead under the police custody, which the investigations, btw, takes like 4ever to complete. Maybe Kugan was a crook (I dunno), but even a crook do not deserve to be tortured. Furthermore, until one is proven guilty in the court, no one should claim that he is a crook.

Now, Teoh Boon Hock is dead. He was found lying next to the building where the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) was 'interrogating' him.

Peculiar indeed. More so if you consider that this poor chap is about to get married the next day. Would he have jumped? Not a chance.

There's only 2 possibility, murder or accident. For a person like him to 'accidentally' fall to his death (not from a balcony but) from a window in the office building is very unlikely. If he tripped over and fell, it would have because he was too tired from the interrogations which lasted for at least 9 hours until 3 a.m. in the morning, which in this case MACC has to be accountable.

The other possibility would be murder, in which case, it is rather obvious who had done the 'job'. MACC would have to be accountable too!

We could try to estimate, from the extent of the bone fracture, the impact of the fall and hence deduce how high he fell from. Project this directly upwards from the place he died, this could indicate to us which window he fell from. If he was murdered, it is very likely that this window will belong to one of the interrogating rooms.

Now, this would make an excellent blockbuster Hollywood movie. Like an excellent storyline for the upcoming blockbuster Sherlock Holmes by Robert Downey Junior. If, that is if, this is only just a 'movie'.

The problem is, THIS ISN'T A MOVIE. This makes it utterly tragic.

The kicker is, that if you follow through the 4 incidents I listed above, you suddenly find that there's no place in Malaysia that we can go to for justice that we can all believe in. The police, the anti-graft body, the judiciary system, and the ( know who) are all tainted.

Granted, that maybe some of these allegations may not be true. But given a series of incidents like that, in that order, it is very difficult for me not to believe that at least one of the 4 incidents are true.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Moving into new room...

Ever since I moved into this room of mine in Cambridge, I've not stop complaining. It has been miserable.

Small room with hefty rent is one thing. Ant infestation is one thing. Dirty kitchen is one thing. There's just too many things that isn't right in this room.

The fengshui here must be horrendous.

Since this is my last day here, let me show you why...

the wall of next to my bed... a brick jutting out - looks like prison cell to me. At the other end, there's a nail jutting out, but the maintenance guy plaster it over with some tapes.

Kitchen floor. And if you see clearly, there's actually swarm of ants moving around picking up the bread crumbs left over by my house mate.


Wah so clean! I see already also feel like cooking in the kitchen lorrr...

And do let me remind you that these are all the work of ONE person (not me!). And it was much worse few weeks ago when this Chinese (from China), who loves to cook but never cleans, was still around. FYI, I always clean my dishes here.

Good news is: I'm moving to my new room tomorrow (6 July). It's at the new building and it's the place where everyone in my college craves to go to, albeit with a even more expensive rent. But I can't help it, this room is a torture room -- I gotta move out.