Wednesday, July 22, 2009

put yourself in that shoe

I read about Tun Dr. M's latest blog post way before any press reported about it. The post began with someone asking him how he would feel if he were non-Malay living under the 'discriminative' policies of Malaysia. Tun, however, answered how the Malay would have feel if there were no such policies. Clever spin.

He indicated clearly that Malay is the Tuan of the country and that NEP should be supported. I do not disagree too much with him on this matter...however...this is the comment I left on his blog (I thought I was the first to comment)


You are avoiding the question. The question was, how would you feel if you were put into the non-Malay's shoes. But you answered, how WE SHOULD FEEL if we were put into Malay's shoes.

I agree that social engineering is required. but...

1. We, the non-Malays, hope that the Malays (or more precisely the UMNO govt.) can show some compassion and understanding that those non-Malays like me have to endure sufferings too. Especially since we are born way way after independence, we were born into this world knowing only one thing - we are Malaysians but told that we are not-so-Malaysians along the way as we grow. But the govt. has never show such understanding, only threats and constant reminders of Mei 13.

2. There has to be a limit to this social engineering. There should be a time where help is given to those who need it regardless of race. if it is malay who sought help, so be it. But please render help to the poor chinese too. IT IS NOT TRUE that Chinese lives in big bungalow houses whereas Malay lives in setinggan. I'll admit, that the chinese middle-class may still be 'richer', but the Malay elites who own big enterprises, big houses and big cars in this new decade definitely outnumbers the non-Malays.

3. It is also not true that Bahasa Cina dan Bahasa Tamil 'dibenarkan' sebagai bahasa pengantar di sekolah bantuan kerajaan. Kerajaan has always wanted to shut them up, if not for the constant 'fight' that we put up over the past decades against the education ministry. Lin Lian Yu, a chinese educationist, has his citizenship revoked for this. Why has it been revoked jika ia dibenarkan?

4. Fair and same is different. But I would like hear how you differentiate it. In Malaysia's situation, it's definitely not 'same', but your article here implied that it is 'fair'. Why so? Because it helps the 'original' tuan?

Finally, saya tidak akan cap Tun racist because I have a lot of respect for you. Your intelligence and charisma is second to none in the world, let there be no doubt on that. Just like how you cleverly spun this question from 'how you feel if you are a non-Malay' to 'how we should feel if we are Malay’.

Please answer the question.

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