Saturday, February 21, 2009

Cambridge diary 3 (cambridge in snow)

It's the biggest ever snow in Cambridge. Even the Brits find it hard to believe!!

There's always something romantic about snowing, especially for M'sians like us, who have never experienced it before. We could only experience it from the romance movies or story books that we watch or read, and maybe because of that it remains elusively romantic to us. The story books, however, forgot to mention to you how cold it was...(and it makes it so difficult to apprecite the scene or the ambience in such a weather).

It's so 'romantic' seeing how the kids and lovers threw snowball at each other on the field. People skiing, rolling ice balls, etc. But it's actually very unhygienic because the snow is essentially ice and dirt. Yes, so if you see closely, you can see that there's lots of dirt in it. But well, as with all things that are romantic - you focus on all the 'wooo's and 'waaa's and at that very instance we all forgot that we are really throwing shit at each other...

The entrance to Engineering Dept. (actually these pictures are taken while I was on the way to the Eng. Dept. and by the way, I was late for the class because I stopped by too long to take these pictures =P)

Looking out from the department's cafeteria.

I don't want to be driving in this weather!

Or riding a bicyle...
And finally, how can I show you pictures of Cambridge in snow without showing you snow at Cambridge's most famous site. Ah... King's College. It looks awesome in winter, autumn, summer and spring. I wish I was like that.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Problem with choosing a topic for my PhD dissertation

When looking for suitable topics for my PhD dissertation, I'm looking for problems. Because if there is one, then there is chance it could turn out to be my PhD dissertation's topic. Interestingly, after reading some journal papers, they presented me with 3 kinds of problem:

The first kind is where all the theories and foundation work have been laid down. All it takes is just for you to learn it, apply it and then share the result with everyone. E.g. someone has theoretically calculated that earth is round. You just have to travel around the globe and then tell everyone about your 'epic' story.

The second kind of problem is where the problem has been clearly identified, but even the experts have no solution for it. Then one should wonder, if these researchers who have been researching for years with vast experience cannot come out with a solution, can I?

Then the third kind of problem is...when there is no problem. Which is, in fact, a problem itself. This is because if there isn't any problem, then there isn't anything I could write for my PhD dissertation.


Monday, February 16, 2009

Arsenal and Arsene Wenger

I'm an Arsenal fan. But with the way they are playing recently...

Arsenal and Arsene Wenger is more like...
Arse-anal, and Arse-and-Wanker.

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Venting out my frustrations....

I realised, after coming to the UK, that I rant a lot. And therefore, I constantly need a place to rant, or to sink my frustrations. For many years, that was debate team.

And I'm not surprising to know that many of my fellow debaters feel the same way. Just go to BS, crack a few jokes, try out a few free debates, cracking your head with our arguments or just plainly talk crap. Surprisingly, suddenly all your unhappiness will disappear.

Many years ago when I left for UK, I missed the UM debate team. Today, the same still applies. As I am feeling so frustrated today, I just wanted to go BS and see how those juniors are preparing for the Taiwan competition. And maybe I shall lay my wrath upon those unsuspecting juniors!!! muahhahaha.........but alas, BS is now MYR 4000 and 10k miles away from me. And my car won't take me there.

So when I have frustrations, I just have to swallow it. No one will listen to my rants here. I'm all alone.

On the brighter side, this may teach me patience. (but I doubt so, LOL)

postscript: I did not mean I go to BS and UM debate team and just go scold you all to let go my anger a......I know you all debaters one...sure think like that. Shit, after saying this, isn't it like "this place got no silver 300, 2?"

The triumph of evil...

Dedicated to the fighters for freedom and democracy in Malaysia:

"All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing"
-Edmund Burke

Shin Liang says, "I am a good man."

Sunday, February 15, 2009



- 勋亮


Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's meal...

I have cooked something special for myself during this Valentine's Day!! Let me guide you through it, step-by-step...

Onions, garlic, potatoes and tomatoes all chopped up nicely.

Two pork steaks (sorry if you are a Muslim...). Use knife to cut several 'gratings' on it. Then apply some salt and oyster sauce over it. The gratings will ensure that the flavor gets deep into the meat. Then, take one egg and beat it until the yolk and the white are properly mixed. Apply a layer of that egg on the meat. Rub the steaks with your fingers so that the salt, oyster sauce and egg are well mixed (engineers call it 'homogeneous') and that they gets deep into the meat.

Heat the pan and oil. First, fry the onions and the garlic until they are golden brown. Then put in the potatoes and stir-fry them.

On the other pan. Do the same, i.e. heat the pan and oil and then fry the onions and garlic. Once you can smell the wonderful aroma from the golden brown onions, push them to the side of the pan. Place the steaks in the middle. Cook with low heat and slowly let the steaks cook from the bottom-up.

When the potatoes are fried to golden brown, put in the tomatoes and squash them so that all that juice comes out oozing onto the pan.

On the other pan, flip the steaks. Wait. And then repeat after 5 minutes. Finally, once the steaks are properly cooked, you can now apply the onions and garlic (which was push aside earlier) on top of the steaks.

Now, just place the potatoes and the steak side-by-side on the plate and wahlaa.....the final masterpiece!!!!

It was more or less an experiment. And it was a success because it tastes sooooooo goooood!! Well, I like onions and garlic so it can't be bad. But it turned out to be much better, much better than what I thought it would be.


Happy Valentine's Day.

My most popular post on this far

Surprisingly, the most visited post in my blog (besides this one which was linked by Tony Pua's blog) is the post regarding my rant on British High Commission of Malaysia when they rejected my UK Visa.

It'd seemed like many people actually googled their way there. I'm surprised that if you googled phrases like

"An Example of a Letter of Appeal to the British Embassy"
"complain about high commission in Malaysia"
"who hates uk immigration officers"
"Appeal Allowed Letter from ECO"
"Visa appeal letter"
"how to complain to the british consulate"

you'll actually get google 'recommending' my blog by putting it in the search result.

And sometimes, I get angry comments like "f*** off!!" or "stay away from UK!!" etc. Luckily, I moderate the comments on my blog.

For all the BHC officers, UK Visa entry clearance officers and Mi5 who read that post, I hope you don't get the wrong idea (I'm sure you won't! =D). I'm glad that the entire fiasco was over and that I'm here now. I just hope that the next time I apply for the UK Visa, the Entry Clearance Officer (ECO) would not bring this up. LOL.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

More on Perak defection...

I've wrote something about the Perak defections (in Mandarin) here.

A lot of my friends, as you may suspect, were infuriated with the Sultan's decision and with Hee's decision to defect in particular.

But many fail to see that this is actually PKR being too complacent after their recent win in the elections. Always boasting that "the tide has turn", "UMNO's end is near" and "the people is with us" but failing to see that although there is a strong rise in the opposition, it is hardly an overwhelming win against the BN. In fact, it's not yet a 'win'.

1. The PKR candidates are weak. Many of the candidates that were chosen during the elections were just to make up the numbers. It's true that among them, some are of good quality. But all it takes is just 20-30% of "weak" candidates to ruin the whole lot.

2. The PKR coalition is weak. As much as we dislike BN, this coalition has a long history since our independence. Whatever disagreements between the component parties within BN, there is a systematic way of resolving it. Although it could be a very unfair process, it has been proven to keep the coalition together for a long time. PKR is a new coalition and I think the most important problem is that component parties of PKR have very different goals and most of their leaders are great politicians who can really make speeches in public, but perhaps lack a skill or two in PR and teamwork. Just look at what Karpal Singh said about Anwar recently. If PKR sinks, isn't he as guilty as Hee?

So amidst all the blog entries that is now blindly throwing their support behind PKR and insisting that this is not a defeat, I advise you to read this post by Raja Petra (RPK) here. I think PKR should just admit defeat and learn a lesson from it. Learn to be more vigilant next time. Don't learn from Arsene Wenger who gives an excuse everytime Arsenal loses and claimed that they have played good football. What good is football if you can't win? What good is politics if you do not lead (by forming the government)?

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Thursday, February 5, 2009




这句话有个前提,那就是你拥抱着她时不是分手,也还未分手。否则,“对方” 可以说一对恋人离别时的最后拥抱,也可以是这种感觉。