Sunday, June 28, 2009

Reaching stalemate...

Stalemate in PhD. Need to remind myself:

I'm an engineer, therefore...
Focus on extension of existing theories, not on new theories.
Work on applications of theories, not theory of applications.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Geniuses don't try.

Geniuses don't try. They just do.
If you are trying, you are not a genius.

That's why I am never one - I try too hard.

Friday, June 26, 2009

baby frog...

Today, on my way to the research center, two very worried old lady approached me and asked, "Sorry, could you please help us?"

"Yeah, sure, how can I help?" I said in my Malaysian accent.

"You see, there's a baby frog on the floor and we are afraid someone may step on it. Could you please help to move it over to the bush? Just over to the bush would be fine."

Baby frog?!?!! Malaysians wouldn't be bother if there is 3-year old kid on the floor let alone a baby frog. But, ah, what the heck I thought. And so I decided to help relocate that poor frog to the bushes.

Recalling the Nat Geo programs that I watched, I suspect some toads are poisonous (heck, I don't even know if it's a baby frog or toad despite all the Nat Geo). "Is it poisonous?" I asked.


Just when I reached out my hand to pick up the frog, she added, "I don't think so."

Great. What is done is done. I picked it up, moved it to the bushes, got my "thank you" and went straight to the bathroom to wash my hands.

What a strange encounter...

If my mom reads this, she's gonna freak out.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The legend of the falls

I have watched a lot of movies. Recently, I watched this classic again. It is one of those movies which I have watched countless times and still find it touching and captivating. I highly recommend it.

This movie easily ranks as one of the top, together with Shawshank Redemption. It is called "The legend of the falls".

A good movie is where the director makes every scene counts and every word spoken counts. This movie is a good movie.

I love good developed stories and character. Brotherhood, heroism, family, love and action. It has all of them. In a way, this movie reflects what would truly touch me as a person. This movie is a very 'guy' movie (there are too many 'girl' movies out there now anyway, e.g. high school musical, etc, always emphasizing the love in a 'girl' way). But it shouldn't put off the girls, as high school musical did not put off the guys. In fact, it is love as it is - in a very real way, and seeing it from a guy's point of view.

I love good developed character. To fall in love with a movie's character is not easy. The movie builds up the relationship of the three brothers with their father, and how happy their family is at an isolated ranch. Until it was tore apart by war, betrayal and love. But it was because the setting up of the heart-warming family during the early part of the movie, that made breaking up of the family in the later part of the movie seems so touching and real.

The father of the family loves his three sons very much. Yet, he's fierce and show little emotion at the same time. How the brothers and and father spoke so little, and yet show so much affection and respect for each other, especially towards the end of the movie, is exactly how love is shown in a guy way (If it were left to the director of high school musical, they would be hugging and jumping around).

Despite attaching so much male chauvinism to this movie, I would like to emphasize that this movie is not reserved for guys only. There's an excellent story-line and Brad Pitt. The movie is also a bit lengthy. But have a little patience, I'm confident it is well worth your time to watch this movie.