Wednesday, July 23, 2008

logic defying act...无言以对的逻辑判断。。。





况且,强奸犯被阉割了就不会以其他形式发泄如性虐待,吸毒,或杀人报复吗?我想啊,那个被阉割了的强奸犯一旦出狱,患上精神病的第一个人将会是那个受害者。想想吧,一个曾经性欲无比强的男人被阉了,他比死 还痛苦,必定找人算账。


让人有改过自新的机会。通过教育,防范措施,设立闭路电视网络以防范于未然才是办法。有许多罪行,只要有足够的deterring factor,犯罪率自然就会减低。我建议马华妇女组有空时,响应一下拿督黄家定所提倡的终身学习,多阅读有关犯罪学的书才来搞个什么研讨会。


Wednesday, July 2, 2008

what a coincidence...

what a coincidence... two posts back-to-back

one about sodomy the other about riding...

Anwar and the conspiracy theory...

(warning. content could cause some readers to feel discomfort and therefore parent discretion is adviced)

let's not SPECULATE what we do not know, and try to DEDUCE from what we know.

what we DO NOT KNOW (and perhaps never know) is that whether the sodomy allegation against Anwar is in fact true or not. but what we DO KNOW is this: that gays exist, even in Malaysia.

Let's face the fact, everyone knows that homosexuality could go as far back as stone age. Whether homosexuality should be accepted into our community, that is another topic which I do not wish to dwell upon here. But the fact remains that homosexuality exists, whether you are muslim or not. And because of the requirement of the 'ritual', you're most likely to have performed sodomy acts if you are a homosexual or bisexual. If gay exists, so does sodomy.

Sodomy is an offence. but it happens.
Oral sex is an offence too. but it happens.
Oh yeah, we all know that it happens.

Since it is not exactly an unusual activity, if such illicit acts were agreed by both parties, no one would ever know about it. In fact, both party would have enjoyed it. However, if either party do not agree and therefore was forced into such illicit actions, it would constitute as a rape and the authorities would usually be informed about it. If rape does occur, then, usually there will be marks of struggling (unless he/she was drugged!!)

Now, having established that sodomy, although seemingly an offence in Malaysia, is not really an offence until someone lodges a police report because he/she is unhappy about it. Let's take this one step further to see if Saiful did indeed have a reason to be unhappy.

let's assume that the sodomy did happen. and let's further assume that there is no political motivation behind Saiful's allegation.

Then did Saiful willingly do it?

If yes, why is he complaining now? (Anwar didn't give him 家用 or what?)
Maybe he was using this fact to threaten Anwar for political or monetary purposes? But would he risk his family's and his fiancee's and his own reputation for this?

If he didn't do it willingly, are there marks of struggling?
And most importantly, if Saiful was forced into it, how did the near-70-year-old man overpowered this young man in his 20s? (I do not think Anwar work-out at the gym 4 times a week)

If the sodomy really did take place, I could only see one possiblity - that Anwar somehow, cleverly, tricked him into doing it and he was afraid to reveal it to the pubic (err...i mean public) until now.

But, personally, I find that a bit hard to believe (I meant Anwar tricking him, not the 'public' thing).

If even the last possiblity is not viable, then it means that my assumptions were wrong, i.e. either the sodomy did not happen or that Saiful's allegation was politically motivated, or both.

The point I'm trying to make is this: it doesn't matter whether Anwar is bisexual or not, or whether he did conduct sodomy acts or not. The fact is that this is clearly a political murder. By whom? Not necessarily UMNO. I wouldn't know who. And I definitely do not want to speculate.

riding with a 7-year old (part 2)

I'm 28.

He's 7.

This time I went further.

I introduced myself as Chin. And him, his name is 'Race'. His home, is just two houses away from mine. This pretty much sums up what it's like to be a budak bandar - 28 years staying on this street and I only know my neighbour's son 3 days ago.

It's great to know that there's always someone riding next to me, guiding me how to ride. Although he's only 7, it was great to have him around. Contrary to what many may think, his presence actually took off a lot of my pressure / embarrassment trying to learn how to ride a bicycle at this age. I'm glad he's around.

Previously, I bruised my right knee. Today, I bruised my left knee. So I guess this kinda struck a balance. Maybe, as a result of this awkward 'balance', I was able to complete my lesson - moving in circles. And at long last, I'm able to tell my friend that I know how to ride a bicycle. Like what they said, "no pain, no gain".

Told you, I ain't giving it up...

And in the process, I met a new friend too. :)