Wednesday, July 2, 2008

riding with a 7-year old (part 2)

I'm 28.

He's 7.

This time I went further.

I introduced myself as Chin. And him, his name is 'Race'. His home, is just two houses away from mine. This pretty much sums up what it's like to be a budak bandar - 28 years staying on this street and I only know my neighbour's son 3 days ago.

It's great to know that there's always someone riding next to me, guiding me how to ride. Although he's only 7, it was great to have him around. Contrary to what many may think, his presence actually took off a lot of my pressure / embarrassment trying to learn how to ride a bicycle at this age. I'm glad he's around.

Previously, I bruised my right knee. Today, I bruised my left knee. So I guess this kinda struck a balance. Maybe, as a result of this awkward 'balance', I was able to complete my lesson - moving in circles. And at long last, I'm able to tell my friend that I know how to ride a bicycle. Like what they said, "no pain, no gain".

Told you, I ain't giving it up...

And in the process, I met a new friend too. :)

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