Sunday, June 29, 2008

riding with a 7-year old

i'm 28.

he's 7.

I'm learning how to ride a bicycle. right next to this 7-year old kid who has been already riding it for years.

yup, you hear me right. I'm LEARNING TO RIDE A BICYCLE. and my sifu is 1/4 of my age. maybe this is why they call me - "budak bandar".

he was teasing me all the way, "c'mon, this is so easy..." but I was all too excited (like a 7-year old kid) learning how to balance on two wheels for the first time.

I still remember my first attempt. Me legs were short at that time (not that it's very long now but...) and they can't reach the floor when I'm sitting on a bike. So when I fell, I fell hard! After some bruises here and there, I gave up altogether.

It was not until 25 (whoa!), when I was in UK studying for MSc degree, that I next attempted this arduous task. I secretly borrowed a bicycle from a Malaysian friend, and carefully timed my practice session to be at 9pm at night such that not many people will notice this over-grown man trying to learn a kid's trick. Alas, what I did not realise was that during summer in UK, the sun doesn't completely set until past 10pm!! But I decided to endure the embarrassment anyway and kept on trying.

After trying for hours, I finally managed to move in straight lines! But whenever I try to start some circular motion (or turning), I will wobble out of control.

3 years after that.

28 June 2008.

My mom returned from shopping mall and bought a bicycle!!!! (I really sound like a 7-year old here...)

The bicycle was for herself, of course. But I borrowed it anyway. And today, I continued my lesson - trying to move in a circular motion without getting either feet on the ground. I ended up bruising my knee!!

But this time, I ain't giving it up.

(to be continued...)


Anonymous said...


T z e said...

Hey...surprise! I just realised you got a blog. =)
Anyway, at last I found something of me better than you - Cycling! Lol.

Boon Thye said...

let me share you my experience - a quick and efficient and safe way

1) get two extra wheels for the rear wheels - means four wheels first
2) raise that extra two side wheels higher so it wont touch the ground when you are actually in good balance, but if you feel, it will help you from feeling onto the ground
3) here is the tool setup, next is the location setup
4) find a slope - long enough but not steep, all you want is to concentrate on balancing and not the paddling when the bike is moving downhill, so you will have to walk the bike to the hill top after every run.
5) so first step will be balancing
6) do 100 times from the slope top and you will be very good at balancing
7) after that paddling is not that difficult anymore
how is that? safe and efficient

BT said...

suddenly remember the name - this is what we called drill!!!!