Tuesday, June 3, 2008

white horse ain't horse

Remember Venn Diagram? Subsets and sets?

So white horses are subsets of horse. Therefore, white horses are horses. But horses are not white horses, since horses can be black horses, brown horses, etc...


"White horse ain't horse". This is the title of a Chinese book I read as a young debater - when I was 15 in Catholic High School. It's about logical deduction and I found it useful throughout my life using the principles learned from this book.

It's not surprising though that our MPs in Parliament seems not able to comprehend such idea of sets and subsets, despite their age being triple of what I was. They keep on saying that the NEP's objective is to help the poor, but it will then always end up with helping the poor Malays (only) as the conclusion.

How in the world did the premise ended up in such a conclusion?

Poor Malays are subsets of the poor Malaysians. So poor Malays are Malaysians. But Poor Malaysians are not poor Malays. Get it?

NEP is supposed help the poor, Chinese and Indian can be poor too. Get it?

Malays are not the only one who is poor. Get it?

Still don't get it, do you? Sigh, then I guess you are as smart as our MPs. Or maybe you can act dumb as good as our MPs.

The economic disparity between the races are no longer in acute condition as during colonial times and society restructuring based on race is no longer required. So there's only one reason left to implement NEP - $$$.

But more surprisingly, editors of Berita Harian always put up headlines like "Ketuanan Melayu tercabar". Why are they then so afraid of opening up the NEP to all deserving people regardless of race? That's another reason - $elfish.

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