Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Problem with choosing a topic for my PhD dissertation

When looking for suitable topics for my PhD dissertation, I'm looking for problems. Because if there is one, then there is chance it could turn out to be my PhD dissertation's topic. Interestingly, after reading some journal papers, they presented me with 3 kinds of problem:

The first kind is where all the theories and foundation work have been laid down. All it takes is just for you to learn it, apply it and then share the result with everyone. E.g. someone has theoretically calculated that earth is round. You just have to travel around the globe and then tell everyone about your 'epic' story.

The second kind of problem is where the problem has been clearly identified, but even the experts have no solution for it. Then one should wonder, if these researchers who have been researching for years with vast experience cannot come out with a solution, can I?

Then the third kind of problem is...when there is no problem. Which is, in fact, a problem itself. This is because if there isn't any problem, then there isn't anything I could write for my PhD dissertation.


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Kok Chiang Ng (KC) said...

You just need to think less.