Saturday, February 21, 2009

Cambridge diary 3 (cambridge in snow)

It's the biggest ever snow in Cambridge. Even the Brits find it hard to believe!!

There's always something romantic about snowing, especially for M'sians like us, who have never experienced it before. We could only experience it from the romance movies or story books that we watch or read, and maybe because of that it remains elusively romantic to us. The story books, however, forgot to mention to you how cold it was...(and it makes it so difficult to apprecite the scene or the ambience in such a weather).

It's so 'romantic' seeing how the kids and lovers threw snowball at each other on the field. People skiing, rolling ice balls, etc. But it's actually very unhygienic because the snow is essentially ice and dirt. Yes, so if you see closely, you can see that there's lots of dirt in it. But well, as with all things that are romantic - you focus on all the 'wooo's and 'waaa's and at that very instance we all forgot that we are really throwing shit at each other...

The entrance to Engineering Dept. (actually these pictures are taken while I was on the way to the Eng. Dept. and by the way, I was late for the class because I stopped by too long to take these pictures =P)

Looking out from the department's cafeteria.

I don't want to be driving in this weather!

Or riding a bicyle...
And finally, how can I show you pictures of Cambridge in snow without showing you snow at Cambridge's most famous site. Ah... King's College. It looks awesome in winter, autumn, summer and spring. I wish I was like that.


nomaikai said...

I am going to Cambridge on 14 March (Sat). Please let me know if by any chance I can have a meet up with you. :)

I will be having games at Darwin College. See you. :)

shinliang said...

sure, why not? :)

give me your mobile number (send to me via my gmail not this blog, lest you want it to be 'public property')