Monday, February 16, 2009

Venting out my frustrations....

I realised, after coming to the UK, that I rant a lot. And therefore, I constantly need a place to rant, or to sink my frustrations. For many years, that was debate team.

And I'm not surprising to know that many of my fellow debaters feel the same way. Just go to BS, crack a few jokes, try out a few free debates, cracking your head with our arguments or just plainly talk crap. Surprisingly, suddenly all your unhappiness will disappear.

Many years ago when I left for UK, I missed the UM debate team. Today, the same still applies. As I am feeling so frustrated today, I just wanted to go BS and see how those juniors are preparing for the Taiwan competition. And maybe I shall lay my wrath upon those unsuspecting juniors!!! muahhahaha.........but alas, BS is now MYR 4000 and 10k miles away from me. And my car won't take me there.

So when I have frustrations, I just have to swallow it. No one will listen to my rants here. I'm all alone.

On the brighter side, this may teach me patience. (but I doubt so, LOL)

postscript: I did not mean I go to BS and UM debate team and just go scold you all to let go my anger a......I know you all debaters one...sure think like that. Shit, after saying this, isn't it like "this place got no silver 300, 2?"

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shirley. said...

you're not alone ler.. at least u can stil let put ur anger in this blog where u can release ur stress.. lols..