Tuesday, February 10, 2009

More on Perak defection...

I've wrote something about the Perak defections (in Mandarin) here.

A lot of my friends, as you may suspect, were infuriated with the Sultan's decision and with Hee's decision to defect in particular.

But many fail to see that this is actually PKR being too complacent after their recent win in the elections. Always boasting that "the tide has turn", "UMNO's end is near" and "the people is with us" but failing to see that although there is a strong rise in the opposition, it is hardly an overwhelming win against the BN. In fact, it's not yet a 'win'.

1. The PKR candidates are weak. Many of the candidates that were chosen during the elections were just to make up the numbers. It's true that among them, some are of good quality. But all it takes is just 20-30% of "weak" candidates to ruin the whole lot.

2. The PKR coalition is weak. As much as we dislike BN, this coalition has a long history since our independence. Whatever disagreements between the component parties within BN, there is a systematic way of resolving it. Although it could be a very unfair process, it has been proven to keep the coalition together for a long time. PKR is a new coalition and I think the most important problem is that component parties of PKR have very different goals and most of their leaders are great politicians who can really make speeches in public, but perhaps lack a skill or two in PR and teamwork. Just look at what Karpal Singh said about Anwar recently. If PKR sinks, isn't he as guilty as Hee?

So amidst all the blog entries that is now blindly throwing their support behind PKR and insisting that this is not a defeat, I advise you to read this post by Raja Petra (RPK) here. I think PKR should just admit defeat and learn a lesson from it. Learn to be more vigilant next time. Don't learn from Arsene Wenger who gives an excuse everytime Arsenal loses and claimed that they have played good football. What good is football if you can't win? What good is politics if you do not lead (by forming the government)?

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