Saturday, July 18, 2009

dead men tell no tales

It's a classic.

First, a Mongolian girl (she-who-must-not-be-named) was found dead. The conspiracy theory goes that she was killed by a 'high' ranking politician in Malaysia. In case if you are wondering how high? It's very high, way way way high up, like at the tip of the pyramid.

Then, a video clip shows that a 'prominent' lawyer was 'choosing' our Chief Judge. Correct, correct, correct!! You did not hear me wrong, a lawyer is choosing the Chief Judge. Although the video clip may not be sufficient evidence to convict him of criminal judges, but in the eyes of the plain people, it has tell us enough.

Later, Kugan was found dead under the police custody, which the investigations, btw, takes like 4ever to complete. Maybe Kugan was a crook (I dunno), but even a crook do not deserve to be tortured. Furthermore, until one is proven guilty in the court, no one should claim that he is a crook.

Now, Teoh Boon Hock is dead. He was found lying next to the building where the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) was 'interrogating' him.

Peculiar indeed. More so if you consider that this poor chap is about to get married the next day. Would he have jumped? Not a chance.

There's only 2 possibility, murder or accident. For a person like him to 'accidentally' fall to his death (not from a balcony but) from a window in the office building is very unlikely. If he tripped over and fell, it would have because he was too tired from the interrogations which lasted for at least 9 hours until 3 a.m. in the morning, which in this case MACC has to be accountable.

The other possibility would be murder, in which case, it is rather obvious who had done the 'job'. MACC would have to be accountable too!

We could try to estimate, from the extent of the bone fracture, the impact of the fall and hence deduce how high he fell from. Project this directly upwards from the place he died, this could indicate to us which window he fell from. If he was murdered, it is very likely that this window will belong to one of the interrogating rooms.

Now, this would make an excellent blockbuster Hollywood movie. Like an excellent storyline for the upcoming blockbuster Sherlock Holmes by Robert Downey Junior. If, that is if, this is only just a 'movie'.

The problem is, THIS ISN'T A MOVIE. This makes it utterly tragic.

The kicker is, that if you follow through the 4 incidents I listed above, you suddenly find that there's no place in Malaysia that we can go to for justice that we can all believe in. The police, the anti-graft body, the judiciary system, and the ( know who) are all tainted.

Granted, that maybe some of these allegations may not be true. But given a series of incidents like that, in that order, it is very difficult for me not to believe that at least one of the 4 incidents are true.

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