Monday, July 6, 2009

Moving into new room...

Ever since I moved into this room of mine in Cambridge, I've not stop complaining. It has been miserable.

Small room with hefty rent is one thing. Ant infestation is one thing. Dirty kitchen is one thing. There's just too many things that isn't right in this room.

The fengshui here must be horrendous.

Since this is my last day here, let me show you why...

the wall of next to my bed... a brick jutting out - looks like prison cell to me. At the other end, there's a nail jutting out, but the maintenance guy plaster it over with some tapes.

Kitchen floor. And if you see clearly, there's actually swarm of ants moving around picking up the bread crumbs left over by my house mate.


Wah so clean! I see already also feel like cooking in the kitchen lorrr...

And do let me remind you that these are all the work of ONE person (not me!). And it was much worse few weeks ago when this Chinese (from China), who loves to cook but never cleans, was still around. FYI, I always clean my dishes here.

Good news is: I'm moving to my new room tomorrow (6 July). It's at the new building and it's the place where everyone in my college craves to go to, albeit with a even more expensive rent. But I can't help it, this room is a torture room -- I gotta move out.

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Snowpiano^ ^ said...

Congratulation for getting a new room! :D