Sunday, July 26, 2009

A tribute to Yasmin Ahmad...R.I.P.

I can't believe this!! Just a few hours ago, Yasmin Ahmad has passed away.

I grew up watching her ads. And they have touched me, taught me and entertained me countless of times. I've used her ads for my one of my post here. The ads always convey a simple philosophical point, but yet these philosophies are so simple that they often slips our mind amidst our busy modern life pursuing money and fame. Her ads, especially during CNY and Hari Raya, have never failed to get us in the mood and give us a good laugh.

And her movies - Sepet and Gubra have no doubt brought many different races in Malaysia together.

She has done more to the unity of Malaysia than our UMNO govt. and it is a great loss to Malaysia that she has passed away. Let's pay tribute to a great Malaysian.

Below here are some of the ads directed by her.

Funeral - Ironically, I think this is the best ad she has made, which is also hyperlinked above. Must see!

Merdeka Sunat - Who can forget this Sunat ad? For those who doesn't know what 'sunat' means, it means circumcision!! I love the last part, "Ada kasi balik a?" "Eh boleh tengok a?" "Aku sepak a..."

How do you spell dinosaur? - "Race? What is race? race car ah?". Kids know no race. Well said!

CNY Old folk's home - This has to be one of the best CNY ads I've ever seen. For those of you who are busy out there pursuing your dreams, don't forget your parents back at home!

CNY ad - The last scene reminds me of the good old days when my dad would brought 'tonnes' of durians back from Terengganu and we will open it one by one in our living hall. We will try to locate the position to split open these thorny fruits. Not only does it taste good, it was fun too. These days, durians are sold in packages - where's the fun in it?

Iklan Raya - it reminded me. when i was still young, watching a movie, i would always ask my parents 100000 times why this character this and why that character that and is he still alive and why did he died, etc. Now that i've grown up, I sometimes lose that patience when my parents ask me the EXACT same question.

R.I.P. Yasmin Ahmad.


Chen Jie@陈杰 said...

no more yasmin's dv durig raya & cny ...

珽凯 said...

a good ads which bring d msg , even d msg tat we kno long time but we dun do it , after watch in ads juz realise how bad we r.

yasmin ahmad who is a open minded malay tat can accept different racial n try do show how d relationship between different racial in our country last time n compare wif now.

in fact, all d conflict of racial problem juz some politician voice out n lie d ppl..tat is so called "kurang ajar"...