Friday, July 24, 2009

Things we cannot agree to disagree...

There are no 'if's in history. But there's no point of studying history if we do not put 'if's into the events that transpired in our history.

Imagine, if today in North America there exist the Federation States of the Red Indian (much like the Federeation States of Malay) instead of United States of America. If the real 'king of the soil' (bumiputera) of the North America is given a choice between establishing their own federation states and the united states of 'foreigners', what would they choose?

Would the Red Indians, the real natives of the North American soil, choose U.S.A.? After all, the 'foreigners' had brought technology and wealth to the land and it has proven to be one of the most successful countries in recent history. Or would the natives rather remain backward and poor than to have a forward, developed country that is not their own?

It is pretty clear that culturally, economically and politically U.S. of A. is an extension of Europe. There's little Red Indian identity left in the land of U.S.A. And therefore, I would bet that if given a choice, the Red Indians would have chosen the latter.

This, is exactly the same question that is facing the bumiputeras in Malaysia. They would rather Malaysia develop slower than to have a fast-developing Malaysia which has lost all the identities of a Malay land. However, it is extremely arguable if the non-Malays in Malaysia are at the same level of threat to the Malays like the European explorers were to the Red Indians.

Regardless, the Malays would of course want to retain the Malay identity on this land; while the non-Malays would want equality. The Malays would fear that by granting complete equality, the Malay identify may all be lost. This is also what Tun Dr. M was trying to say on his blog (here, which I replied here). I believe there are things where we can all agree to disagree. This is one of them, as it is only natural for one to fight for his/her own ethnicity, just as I would for mine. But there are things which we cannot and should never disagree on. Corruption is one. Murder is another.

Although I cannot agree with Ketuanan Melayu, I can understand why some would advocate it. But I will never agree and never forgive people who agrees to violence, murder, corruption and other evil means to achieve this end.

For the Malaysians out there. I beg you. You can differ with me, you can differ with the stance of PKR and DAP on NEP, on the allocation of funds to Chinese schools, on the teaching medium in government schools, on the application of syariah laws. But please, please, do not differ with me in saying no to corruption, murder and abuse of power. And for that, it is rather obvious that UMNO is manipulating the media, MACC, the police and the jurisdiction. It is obvious that the most severe corruption is happening in UMNO everyday. Take part in the elections and observe the UMNO election engines during this period, and I'm sure you'll know what I mean. Ask your friends who are working in the (non-UMNO controlled) media if they receive 'instructions' on what to report and what not to. Take the implementation of ISA as another example. Advocates of this draconian law always argue that such law is useful in extreme situations, such as in the capturing of terrorist. They would then say that after 911, U.S.A's Patriot Act is not any different from our ISA. But how many times have ISA been invoked to capture REAL terrorist? So some would then argue that the law itself is 'useful', but it is the abuse of the law that is causing the trouble. Since nothing is perfect and everything is subjected to abuse, ISA is OK, so they claimed. I've written something about this here, and I reiterate that if a law is susceptible to abuse then it should be amended or abolished. Since by definition, ISA will lack transparency, accountability and methods for check-and-balance, it is by definition impossible to be amended. Therefore the only way is to abolish it. The refusal for UMNO to abolish this law and their constant use of this law for their own political benefit is the most glaring proof of corruption within the organisation.

There are of course excellent individuals in UMNO, which I know them and respect them personally. But the core of the organisation is rotten and corrupted. UMNO, in trying to fight for the Malay's cause, which in itself is noble, but sadly has resorted to abuse of power and corruption. Former happened because they fear that if they lose power, they will no longer be able to continue their fight. The latter is simply due to greed. While we can all disagree on issues such as whether Malaysia truly belongs to all Malaysians or should the Malay be the Master of the land (Ketuanan Melayu), we should all say no to corruption, murder and abuse of power. They should NOT and NEVER be used to achieve such ends, no matter how noble the ends could be.

And so, in view of the recent death of Teoh Boon Hock, I urge UMNO to stop politicizing it. For once, do the right thing.

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