Monday, September 7, 2009


The infamous Cow incident.

The mainstream media has but suppressed all information about it, screw thestar and utusan! Spread the news and judge for yourself.


1:54 "Jaga-jaga...Kami cabar...andai awak ingat lihat tumpahan darah"

2:53 (this is heard from the background when the speaker stepped on the cow head) "Yeah...hahaha... (clap clap clap)"

3:12 "Kami pijak kepala lembu ini...hadiah kepada Khalid Ibrahim..." (and then a small kid appeared to be 'fascinated' by all these and joined the crowd in stepping onto the cow's head -- don't blame him, he had plenty of 'role models' there)

5:07 "Ada orang rasa kami biadap...tapi yang bertanggungjawab mengajar kami biadap adalah Khalid Ibrahim..." (WTH??? yeah blame it on the people, that's very mature)

but this is my 'favourite' part la...

5:25 (the journalist asks 'kenapa bawa kepala lembu? apa maksudnya?') "Errrrr..." (obviously taken aback by the question) "Sebenarynya, kepala lembu bukan daripada kami.........kepala lembu daripada individu-individu yang marah....inilah yang kami takut - tindakan daripada segelintir individu yang ekstreme ini (tapi bukan kami la)..."

Eh, kata orang ni kepala lembu daripada individu yang marah, bukan daripadanya. Tapi dia sekarang amat marah and dia pula pijak atas kepala lembu juga. Maka, jangan nafikan lagi, dialah segelintir individu ekstrem yang marah dan menakutkan yang dia sendiri cerita tu!

I'm sure after seeing this, you don't feel very well. It's ok. Our Home Minister, Dato Hishamuddin assures you that everything is fine. Look at the video below, I'm sure you'll feel better after that.

And now, MCMC is asking Malaysiakini to take down these two videos. MCMC says it is inciting hatred. Who is? The video or the people in the video? But hang on, why does Dato Hishamuddin's press conference video clip also considered inciting hatred? Wah MCMC, you berani a, you are saying our Home Minister inciting hatred.

But of course, I don't find anything seditious about this protest. It doesn't create any threat to harmony or unity among races in Malaysia. And I certainly do not feel threaten. And oh btw, Malaysia always have freedom of speech what, so their protest is completely ok. I see now why Dato Hishamuddin sees nothing wrong with it. I too can see like him now...It's like what UMNO says - 1 Malaysia. So let it be and peace shall prevail.

This is exactly why I support Dato Hishamuddin's decision to use the police force to detain peaceful candle light vigils, people wearing black shirt and all other forms of protest by the opposition but instead asked the police to stand aside and allow angry protestors to bring a cow head still freshly dripping with blood. It's got good effect don't you think? And just in case you are wondering, the cow has nothing to do with Hindhusim. It's just purely coincidental that the beheaded animal for effect is a cow and the protestors are protesting about a Hindhu temple, which treats cow as a sacred animal.

And the latest news is: protesters from a candle light vigil were IMMEDIATELY detained and jailed by the police force. So let me see what does this mean: IT IS OK TO BRING BLOODIED COW HEAD TO A PROTEST BUT NOT OK TO BRING CANDLES. I can surely see the threat of the candle bigger than cow head, I mean, you could set KL on fire overnight!


NOTE1: just in case you don't get it, the last three paragraphs in italics are pure sarcasm.

NOTE2: i'm very very sure that this does NOT reflect the majority of Malays, Muslims or Malaysians. but nevertheless the numbers of such people in Malaysia are significant enough to make a political case.

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