Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Italy trip

Dad, Mom and I went to Italy few weeks ago. The trip began in the most horrible way.

1. I lost my passport in the taxi.
2. No one brought a camera.
3. We bought a brand new camera only to find out that the power source/plug in Italy doesn't fit.
4. We came from London where the weather is 17 degrees and touched down in Rome where it was having the same weather in Malaysia.
5. We found out, the hard-way, that Italians don't really queue. Pretty much like Malaysia. (In fact, just drop a Coliseum next to KLCC and I bet we won't notice any difference between Rome and KL)

Funny enough though, bad things started to clear out one by one. The taxi driver returned my passport and we somehow found an 'adapter' that worked with our camera. And it all began after we 'met' the Pope at the Vatican City.

It's hard to believe that a trip that started so badly, turned out to be one of the most memorable one for me. I had a great time. And I think dad and mom had a great time too! (check out my dad's blog post on this). Rome, Venice, Florence and Lake Garda were fantastic and I would like to share some pictures here.

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buggie said...

ur 自拍技术 very not bad!! I'm referring to the photo u took together with ur dad n mum..