Saturday, November 28, 2009

The End of Days

Ever since the premiere of 2012, everyone seems to be blogging about the end of days.

Most of them would hope to share the last moment with their love ones.

But that is only possible, if you remain to be the only person who knows about the end of the days.

If everyone else in the world know that the world is coming to an end, law and order would break down.

Pessimist, you may call me. But that's the truth. If the end of world is broadcasted, then raping, killing and looting and all other unimaginable atrocities will be omni present.

Most people do what they do, or do not do what they do not, because of law and moral obligations. But what good is law and moral, if what you strive so hard to protect is coming to an end anyway?

If no matter what you do, the world is going to end, humans are going to be extinct and that you are not going to survive, what would you do?

You would fulfill your lust, your greed and all other desires that you may have but couldn't have because of the social restrictions.

So, if you knew the end of the days is coming, please do not tell. You will only bring the end of the world earlier than what it is suppose to be.