Monday, November 23, 2009

Why we should vote for Pakatan?

Pakatan will lose because they are complacent:

They forgot that luck played a great role in the last general election win.
They forgot that people voted against BN, not for Pakatan.
They forgot that people voted against Badawi, not for Anwar.
They forgot that people voted against BN because they were unhappy about the economy recession, not because Malaysia lack democracy or freedom of speech or equality.
They forgot that 40% of Malaysians are not registered voters.
They forgot they only have less than 5 years to prove they are capable governers.
They forgot that BN controls everything.

But yet, please, vote for Pakatan.

The reason is simple, I believe in a bi-partisan political system. I believe competition in Parliament will only bring forth the best for the country and for the people. A monopolistic government is not so different as being rule by a dictator. The problem with dictatorship is that it is reliant on one person. I don't believe in one person. I only believe in a system that works. At one moment, this guy could be doing great, the next moment his successor might undo everything. As I've wrote here, democracy is not the most efficient form of government. But it is the best form of government to ensure sustainable development over the long time.

Maybe we disagree on Ketuanan Melayu. Maybe we disagree on the quota imposed on scholarship and national universities. We also disagree on how we should handle the selling of liquors. But let that be discussed and debated. Let's hope that voices on both sides of the aisle are heard and that a decision is made only after that. Let's not hope that one side is being suppressed and force into a decision without a chance to speak. But that is exactly what is happening now, and exactly what would happen if we have a monopolistic government.

Pakatan may not be flawless. But neither is BN. But as it stands now, BN has all the power to make the decisions - right ones and wrong ones. BN will not listen to Pakatan, no matter how rational or reasonable the suggestions could be, and vice versa. The only way out, is not to find a flawless political party that can satisfy the needs of all races at all time. Instead, it is to find competition. It doesn't matter who the competition is, as long as there is competition. As it stands now, Pakatan is the only choice. So, do not choose Pakatan or BN, choose to have competition, choose to have bi-partisan system in Malaysia.

In less than 2 years since the election, many people (like the Hindraf group) have turned against Pakatan. They claimed that Pakatan is "no different from BN". Pakatan is not short of flaws, but to rank Pakatan no different from BN is probably an overstatement. In terms of fighting corruption, ensuring a more transparent government, implementing fair and just policies, BN has always been lagging behind Pakatan. And in the opposite sense, BN has always been leading in front of Pakatan when it comes to detaining people with no reason, abuse of power and corruption. Even when BN makes the right move, once in a while, it was usually due to the pressure from opposition, e.g. investigating the PKFZ scandal. Do Hindraf and all the people who had once supported Pakatan but is now turning their backs, really think that BN would have a higher chance of implementing a fair and just governance, compared to Pakatan?

I do not believe in people. I believe in the system. I believe that what we need is a bi-partisan system. Doesn't matter to me if BN is doing a great job or if Pakatan is lousy. Creating a bi-partisan political system is the only sustainable system that could ensure the long term developement of the country and long term benefit to the people. A bi-partisan creates competition and competition is what keeps corruption at bay and ensure the best for the rakyat. At the moment, there just isn't sufficient competition. BN still controls everything and if the PM wants, he could just easily brush aside all opposition. This is not what we want.

The fact is simple. We're choosing the lesser of two devils. As it is always the case when it comes to politics. It is the same whether it's between the GOP and the Democrats in the US; or between the Tories and the Labour in the UK; we are always choosing the lesser of two devils. And when it comes to this, it's clear which party is more keen on advocating the devil's deeds.

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