Tuesday, May 5, 2009

In pursuit of happiness...

It's funny that when we pursue happiness, we can sometimes end up being sad. Sometimes, we get happiness by inflicting pain upon others. Happiness, is always about me and the rest of the world.

So, in an attempt to group people based on their methods of pursuing happiness, this is the categories that I came up with:

in order from the most evil and sad cases to the good and saints..

Sad people, who not only is himself miserable but makes other people miserable too.
e.g. psychopath, college shooting in the U.S., parents who kill their own children when they divorce, people who hurt their ex girl-friend or ex boy-friend when they breakup.
*Only in small amounts but these people always make the headlines.

Sad people, who incurs pain upon himself and has no whatsoever influence on anybody else.
e.g. drug addicts, people who live in extreme poverty, suicidal
*Many people on this planet is of this kind. 2nd most.

Happy people, who makes himself happy by making other people miserable.
e.g. Hitler, Genghis Khan, George W. Bush, the British during colonial times, Japan during WW2.
*usually are those people with enormous amount of power. Fortunately, with enormous amount of power means that these kind of people/entity are usually small in numbers at any given time on this planet. Funny thing is, these people always call themselves a hero.

Happy people, who himself is happy but has little or no influence on the larger community.
e.g. people who goes to work, comes back home, eats and sleeps, spends time with family, plays games or loves shopping. but doesn't care much or care very little about global and local politics or does not bother to do things to improve the world/community around he/she because he/she would think, "with or without me it doesn't make a difference". All they care about is the people immediately around him/her.
*70% of the population on this planet are of this type.

Sad people, who sacrifices himself/herself for the greater good. Thus, making other people happy.
e.g. Ang San Suukyi, Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King, Galileo, YueFei, Tunku Abdul Rahman, Sun Yat-Sen
*These are the people who make it to the annals of our history. Great people whom who talk about for generations to come.
(note: you could claim that these people are 'happy' because they wanted to do it, they were willing and 'happy' to sacrifice themselves. I argue otherwise, because if given a choice, they would have done their great deeds without resorting to sacrifices. Therefore, I categorise them as 'sad'.)

Happy people, who himself is happy and is capable and willing to make other people happy too.
*Such person does not exist!!

**Obviously, I'm being a bit pessimist here. There are, of course, happy people who are making many other people happy.*


陈桂生 said...

These people do exist.

People who willingly to share their wealth, experiences, knowledge, are those feel happy while bringing happiness to the others.

School teachers, job mentors, scientists, humanitarian, environmentalist, peace lovers and many more belong to this group.

In what world we are living, depends on how we look at it.

My little 2 cents to share.

The World 记忆里的空间Of Memory said...

i m agree with u ...**Obviously, I'm being a bit pessimist here. There are, of course, happy people who are making many other people happy.*