Thursday, May 7, 2009

Barca Barca Barca!!!

The bar was chanting, "Barca! Barca! Barca!"

This is why I love watching football in England. Even at the bar, the atmosphere was awesome!

I was just turning to tell my friend Zern Chu how good Iniesta is. He ran all over the pitch for 90 minutes, suffered no less than 7 fouls against him and is still doing all the passing for Barca. This is when he struck! Thundered into the back of the net!

"Barca! Barca! Barca!" I shouted along with the bar, clenching my fist in the air.

But, really, it wasn't Iniesta who should have got an award. Because...the Oscar goes to....Didier Drogba!!!! Really, Drogba, you the man.

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