Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Arsenal, go and die la...

Ronaldo is alone in front. He brings a long ball to his chest and uses his speed to go past Sagna, but he is soon closed down. With a turn, he sent in a cross into the penalty box. It seems harmless.

Kieran Gibbs is there to interce...he slipped!! Park Ji Sung has all the time in the world...he scores!!!!!!!!!!!


He slipped? Yes, he slipped!!!!!!!!!!

Look Arsene Wenger (aka Arse and Wanker), I don't care how bleak the economy looks right now, but you had better invest in new players and a new tactic. Man Utd were like playing against school boys today.

Kieran Gibbs, Clichy, Eboue and Djourou at the defence? You gotta be kidding me. They are a bunch of jokers. Toure is always alone up against the entire attack squadron. And Walcott, he has speed alright. But besides that he has no technique, no upper body strength, no brains and no balls.

Maybe you want to say Arshavin? Yeah he's good alright. But that's because he hasn't been 'cultured' into an Arsenal player yet. Once his training under Arse n wanker is complete, he'll pick up the ball, look around for like 10 minutes and wait till all the defenders come back before passing to a striker guarded by 4 defenders. Once he has been properly 'assimilated', he will pass the ball when he is in the penalty box and not shoot. The reason because he's still such a brilliant player is because he isn't a full Arsenal player yet. And so he is a kinda 'surprise' to teams playing against Arsenal.

Yes, I know Chelsea, Liverpol and Man Utd all do that sometimes. They pass inside the penalty box. But NOT ALL THE TIME! Arsenal does it like 95% of the time. To base most of the team's strategy on slow passing game when you have a young, inexperience and poor technique squad is a bad idea.

You can't build a champion team by always selling off your players and bringing in the reserves and young players. These players need seniors to impart experience to them. Who is there to do that? Fabregas? Puhlezz, he's 21. Arsenal, you are like Ajax in the 90s! Wake up!

You used to be 1 or 2. Then 2 or 3. Now it's 3 or 4. Surely even a 3-year old can see this trend. Just connect the dots - it's a straight line with a -ve slope! Time has change, the top 3 is getting all the top players they can and yet they still can groom young players - take Ronaldo for example, he was brought to Man Utd at a very young age and look at him now. He's the World Player of the Year for god's sake. And who is Fabregas? The so-called most successful player ever to emerge from your ranks of young footballer. He's not even half the footballer Ronaldo is, although he is good. If Arsenal still do not invest this season, its demise will be inevitable.

The score was 2-0 when I walked away. Dejected.


ZYH said...

aiya, Arsenal very lousy de la. change your support team la.

shinliang said...

hey brother, better than ur team ok? Newcastle is relegated 4 sure. I'm talking about getting no.1, your team is about getting back BPL!!!