Thursday, May 7, 2009

1 Black Malaysia

垃圾,即刻放人 !Release Wong Chin Huat and others NOW. If there was any glittering hope of Najib being a true change to Malaysian politics, this has quenched all our doubts - he is just another Mahathir.

I know I 've been putting Arsenal in priority instead of the 'big event' coming up today May 7 in Perak. But, well, what can I say...

My good friend Cash Chow described this most aptly. You see, he is an ultra-strong supporter of DAP and Newcastle. But on the msn few minutes ago he claimed that if BN took over Newcastle, he would have supported BN. That's how much he love Newcastle. And that's how much I love Arsenal too!

Anyway, I've not forgotten about May 7. 1 Black Malaysia, Democracy First, and Elections now. Since no one would be able to see me wearing black on this day anyway (because I'm the U.K.), and I do not have a black shirt, so I'm going to wear a black underwear instead...

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