Thursday, January 8, 2009

Toilet at sub-zero temperatures

Ever been to the toilet at -7 degrees Celsius?

First, you 'peel-off' your layers of clothing one by one until eventually your ass is exposed. You will feel a gush of very cold air gushing up your ass and chilling your spine (literally).

And as you put your two sides of the ass on the pan (on top of the toilet bowl), the pan (usually made out of porcelain or plastic) feels like ice freshly taken out of the freezer.

Any urge to do 'business' by then would have gone away. But on this day, the urge was too strong because I have been containing it for too long.

And as the 'payload' drops off at a distance to the water - "splash". The icy cold water at the bottom of the bowl splashed onto my ass creating the immense coldness that one cannot describe.

After finishing the business, I washed up. And as you may have guessed, the water was icy cold.


T z e said...

what a great description on

Anyway, good luck there :)

蔚蓝的...我 said...


~aNG~伟翔 said...

haha, senior!hope u enjoy ur life there!!!!