Thursday, January 8, 2009

Arriving in UK

I never imagined how one can eat, drink, sleep, watch tv, play game, and shit all at the small confined space inside the boeing 747. But that's what happened.

To make things worse, a toddler was just sitting behind me. Throwing tantrums like 80% of the journey. It wasn't his fault or his parents, but that doesn't change the fact that I got little sleep.

Touchdown Heathrow. And it's -4 degress Celsius. And I only have 1 jacket on. The rest is in my baggage but to reach them I have to pass the immigration officers first.

It took me nearly 2 hours to pass the immigration because my Visa was rejected multiple times, they had to 'double check'.

Then, no one told me I needed my medical report. So I have to make an X-ray on the spot. I think it's my 4th X-ray in 6 months (1 for UTAR, 1 for UKM lecturer, 1 for UKM scholarship, and this one). I hope the X-ray doesn't 'evolve' me.

My handphone battery went dead.

Took a train to Cambridge. Upon arrival, some old folks pointed me at the exact opposite direction of Hughes Hall.

Then I go-astern (or 'ko-astan', as Malaysians would call it). Still, I made the wrong turning. Koastan again. After reaching Hughes Hall, I can't find the receptionist. Forward, Koastan multiple times. Finally there.

And all these in a -4 degree Celcius dragging 35kg of baggage with me (65% of my weight).

And I wasn't staying at the Hall. I'm just registering. My accomodation is outside the Hall. Forward, koastan many times looking for my accomodation. Finally got there, again dragging all the baggage in this kinda weather.

Then go to fro Hughes Hall many times more to complete my other registeration procedures. By the time I finished everything it's 7pm.

7pm UK time or 3am Malaysia time, i.e. from 12am 7 Jan 2009 until 2am 8 Jan 2009 (Malaysia time) - a total of 26 hours!!!! 26 hours of not having good sleep and changing underwear!!!!

What a bad start!

Why am I here in Cambridge again? Remind me! I've so much things in Malaysia and I chose to come to UK? (no, this is not a grammar error. 'much' is used instead of 'many' because the things I have in Malaysia have become 'uncountable')

Suddenly, I realised I've become my old-self again. I complain everything about my life.

That's not good. I'll need to change that ASAP.

But you know what, this time definitely feels different from the last time. I was excited when I touched down in UK the last time. But this time, this time I felt homesick the moment the plane took off at KLIA. I miss u.


Snowpiano^ ^ said...

Miss who??

U will get use there soon and forget us de la... :)

My friend told me PHD = Permanent Head Damage.. :P

Won't happend on u yah?! ;P

Take care!

Anonymous said...

Finally you leave to study... i am going to miss you a lot... Hope that you will be all fine. See you...

GuoXing said...

All the best to you ya!!
study smart, play hard:)