Monday, January 26, 2009

A support for my dad's blog..

My dad, at the age of 72, is starting his own blog. You can visit it by clicking here. It doesn't have much posts yet, but hopefully it'll get populated in the coming months. Please go and have a visit.

One of the few things I learn from both my parents, and especially my dad is perseverance. They are one of the few people on this planet that continually seeks to improve themselves and defy their own age limits. Who would think someone at 72 would start a blog? (yeah, maybe Dr. M is another one)

Not many people at that age, know how to SMS, frequently use gmail to communicate, use skype, download music from the internet, use spreadsheet and microsoft office, types Chinese and Japanese using the MS Windows, use Google Maps, know how to Google for all sort of knowledge and knows how to plug-in USB, etc? For many of us this may seem simple, but I bet when you are 70+ you will have trouble trying to understand how to use the "Tricorder" (for those who doesn't know what this is, please look-up in Star Trek)

20 years ago, my mom's English is...let's just say she doesn't speak English. But now, she conducts her business with fluent English (albeit still with some minor grammar mistakes). Just a year ago, she couldn't 'spell' (pinyin) chinese characters. But after weeks and weeks of trying, everyday trying to pinyin all the words she read on the Chinese press and having 'tuition' with me and my dad for many weeks, she finally can pinyin. And the first thing she do, is to type a Chinese SMS to her friend.

Their persevarance, their curiosity and their desire to perpetually improve themselves regardless of age is nothing less than admirable.

So much so, that by doing this, they deceivingly make me think that they are young and are going to go on forever. So much so, that I have to constantly remind myself that how old they truly are and that they are not going to be around here forever. As much as we argue (it's how we Chin family communicates), I cannot possibly imagine one day that my life would be without them. Sometimes, I feel guilty about coming here and leaving them there. What's the point of pursuing all these "dreams" when what really matters in the end of one's life is your family and friends?

And as I celebrate this Chinese New Year abroad and alone, it makes me homesick even more. Not because of the house, but more because of the people living in that old house of mine near Damansara.

As people close to me would know, I always digress from the main topic. So, I am to remind you again why I wrote this post. That is to support my dad's blog. You can either click the link I provided at the start of this post, or you can click the link on the left under 'blogs i read'

and oh yeah... HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!


kopitiam83 said...

Support support...
happy new year..^_^

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Yoke Mooi said...

"Gong Xi Fa Cai"

Keep on blogging.

You really challenge me to update my blog more often.