Friday, September 5, 2008

Macamlah UMNO tak tuntut "pohon maaf"

This is in response to Tun Dr. M's latest blog post here.

(oh yeah, who am I to vent my anger against a 'Tun'? But I'm going to do it anyway)

Dr. M has no doubt gain respects from millions of Malaysians for his far-sightedness in growing Malaysia's economy by leaps and bounds during his reign. But he was more known for his prowess and shrewdness in the political game than his moral values.

And he showed that again in his latest blog post entitled "pohon maaf". He claimed that Malays are always wrongly labeled as racist and are often demanded to apologise whereas when non-Malays make racist remarks they are left off the hook. And I quote from his blog, "Sebaliknya, apabila orang yang bukan Melayu mengeluar perkataan atau catitan yang boleh ditafsir sebagai racist, orang Melayu tidak pernah tuntut supaya pihak berkuasa memohon maaf".

Is that true? Tak pernah? Tak pernah tuntut pihak berkuasa orang bukan Melayu memohom maaf? sekali aje pun tak da? If it is, then Tun must have had the same problem as the mother in the movie "money no enough 2" where her "wires sudah sambung salah".

What happened to Suqiu in 1998? Did UMNO youth not request the chinese community to apologise, and further labelled some chinese organisation as communist!?

What about when Penang's CM Lim Guan Eng said that he will reconsider Malay's special rights? Did UMNO not label him as racist and claimed that it's seditious and wanted him to retract his remarks.

And I'm sure my learned Tun Dr. M would surely remember that these are not isolated cases and what I mentioned above is nothing but merely the tip of the iceberg.

More importantly, whether it's Suqiu or YB Lim Guan Eng's remark, they are not racist remarks! But I can't say the same when some UMNO MP raised his keris and said that he shall bathe this keris with someone's blood. So who is the racist here? Not the Malay, but UMNO!

Tun cleverly used the term "Malay" in his blog, when in actuality the people that threw the racist remarks are not Malays in general but UMNO's MPs. Tun is trying to stir up something here. It's definitely seditious, but in a subtle way.

More often than not, when citizens utter anything bordering racist or rather anything that threatens those in power, no apology is usually required because UMNO would just bring them in using ISA, OSA or just block their website like what they do to Malaysia Today.

So, Dr. M, as if lah, that UMNO tak pernah tuntut supaya pihak berkuasa memohon maaf. Kalau ini betul, ini maksud UMNO tak tuntut supaya pihak berkuasa memohon maaf tetapi terus tuntut supaya pihak berkuasa masuk penjara melalui ISA. Tun, you should know this better than me.

As much as I respected him, I'm totally appalled by his latest entry.


Tun Dr. M later added "pohon maaf 2" which tried to explain that instead of being racist himself, he's merely stating that UMNO, since 308, is often on the defence when it comes to racial politics. He claimed that race based politics has actually been enhanced since 308 because we've been talking about it more.

A clever remark. So now according to Tun Dr. M, if we speak out against the race-based politics, it enhances it. If we do not speak out against it, UMNO will continue to rule with the race-based politics (maybe in a, errr, non-enhanced way?). Either way, Malaysia will be ruled using race-based politics. Check-mate.

Nice try Tun. I hope you do not deceive too many people with that.

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