Friday, September 12, 2008

RPK arrested under ISA... what next? 916 or 513?


I cannot believe what I just saw in the news.

Just one day after the so-called actions taken against 'one-ball' Ahmad, one day after Malaysia-Today was unblocked, one day after all these and now they arrest RPK using ISA? Furthermore, they gave three newspapers show cause letter???

For what?

And for a moment there, we all thought what Pak La and UMNO did a day ago showed genuine interest to change the country for the better.


It'd seem I am wrong. We are all dead wrong. All the actions taken today once again showed that Pak La and UMNO agreed to every single word uttered by 'one-ball' Ahmad. Why? Why only remarks about the sensitive issues of Malay are considered seditious and a threat to the country, but not abusive remarks about the non-Malays?

Perhaps my friends are right, something IS brewing in the UMNO camp in preparation for the worse that could happen on 916.

As a sign of support to RPK, a detest to ISA and a reminder that we should be strong should the worst happens, I urge all readers to read this post by RPK regarding what really happened on May 13. And if you have a blog, link it!

It's a historical truth that we should all know and one that we should prevent from repeating itself this year. I hate to see those bad guys win again using the same old dirty trick.

However, I do have some advice for some of my Chinese friends out there who think fighting fire with fire is a good idea. Many Chinese, in response to the recent fiasco, chose to hurl abusive remarks back at Datuk Ahmad. That's not very wise. Because that's EXACTLY WHAT THEY WANT YOU TO DO. You are falling into their trap. So do otherwise! Initiate more sensible and intelligent discussions, stop name-callings and stop mocking other people's belief. Show that we are just as likeable as they are. All we want is a little peace and equality.

I myself is guilty of calling him 'one-ball' Ahmad. But hey, at least it sounds cool.


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