Friday, January 8, 2010

Ruin and run...

Perhaps, there's no one to blame for Malaysia's plight. It's all due to bad pronunciation really:

Najib: Run the country to the best of your ability!

Ministers: Ruin the country!

Najib: No, I said, "Run", not "Ruin"

Ministers: Yeah, ruin! not run.

Najib: Run!

Ministers: Ruin la. I said ruin what.

Najib: Run, Run, Run! I said run the country!

Ministers: Ruin, Ruin Ruin. We'll ruin the country!

Police: I warn you first, you can only have protest. After that, run, or I'll catch you!

Mat Rempit: Ok. After protest, ruin. Find church to ruin. Got it.

Police: No. I said run.

Mat Rempit:Ruin?

Police: Run. R-U-N. Rrrrrrun.

Mat Rempit: I heard you the first time. Ruin.

Police: Run!! I said "run". It's R-U-I-N without the 'I'.

Mat Rempit: I no ruin? how can? then who ruin la?

Police: I said run. If not, I'll put you in lockup.

Mat Rempit: Ok Ok. Flip-flop lagi. I'll ruin. I don't want to stay in the lockup.

Police: No. I meant run. After that, RUN!

Mat Rempit: Ooooh ok. Now I get it, after I ruin, I run. Roger that!

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