Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Allah must be laughing now...

Allah (whichever God you might refer to) must be laughing so hard now that His teeth is falling off from the sky in the form of meteor showers tonight.

I am pretty sure Allah can understand more than one language, so He must be bemused by the people who are worried that He could not understand you if you do not address Him in the right language. He must be even more bemused that some of His followers actually got confused when a different name is used to call Him.

I am neither Christian nor Muslim, but I am pretty sure that "what is the correct name to call Me" is the last priority for God's teachings. If it isn't, you should reconsider your religion because it sounds too damn easy to go to heaven.

Certain quarters of Christians and Muslims felt insulted. I think Allah aka Tuhan aka God should be the one that feels most insulted because of all His teachings passed down over the centuries, we were most concerned with what to call Him. I am sure this make a heck of a religion.

My mentor in high school once told me this, "There will always be problems in your life. A beggar and a businessman millionaire have the same number of problems. But the level of problems faced by these two people is what distinguished them. One is of higher stature, the other is not..." I cannot help but to think that this applies to religion too.

(in reference to the recent uproar by some Malaysian Muslims against the usage of 'Allah' by Christians to refer to the Christian God)

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