Thursday, January 14, 2010


我在辩论界已混了至少15年。虽然 ,还是有比我更老的前辈,但是我看过的辩论比赛绝对不少,可说是经验不浅。而这么多年来令我最讨厌的就是看到辩论员们辛辛苦苦为一场比赛准备了这么久,却被误判而输。

所以,我恳请大家 -- 所有辩论老前辈,现任以及过去的辩手或是评判帮帮手。帮我看一下这一场“辩论赛”到底是谁胜了?是不是代表Allah专利权的那一方获胜?若是,我 “切”!!!


悦拿丹~照 said...

congrats, u not need to cut ..haha

Andrew's Wonderland said...

Thanks for the Malaysia Islam Youth Movement rep really answering the questions? What is wrong for Herald using democratic procedures to resolve the issues? Compare to violence demonstration, which one is more civilized? If every time when there is an issues, Christians need to compromise for the sake of majority in the country are muslims, would it be one day where Christians are asked and allowed to only worship God in their own house only? When the faith of non-muslims are protected under the constitution, Christians are being asked to settle the matter outside the court, what is the logic behind? Is that every time the government foresee they cannot get favour from the court, the we have to settle outside the court? This is simply not the way....I agree with the Professor in the video, this issues have been used to political gains. Shame on You, BN

Anonymous said...

"We have been living together peacefully for so many years" while the "word" has been used by Catholic Herald at the same time.