Friday, November 7, 2008

politicians are like salesperson

I use to think that if you can convince someone, you can be a good politician.

And that if you uphold what is the truth and justice, and use reasons to convince the rest, you will get support.

Then I realised that it's impossible to convince everyone. Even when reasons are crystal clear.

Politics then become something like sales. Out of 10 people you talk to, 1 would 'buy'. You just have to reach out to more people than your competitor to ‘win'.

That probably explains why no matter how hard people is trying to fight for peace and justice, there will always be proponents of war and chaos in the world. There is always a market for the evil things in this world.


Snowpiano^ ^ said...

U never heard "Politic is just a numbers game" ?

Cruel but true...
Where the majority would decide who hold the power and what is the politically right.

So whoever devote in politic have to try their very best to get the NUMBERS.

That's what Obama and McCain do,
That's what PR and BN do,
That's what all politicians do. :)

And there is a quote in debate game:“U could never convince your opponent but you have to convince the audience.”

I believe this is the reason why we keep on explain, rebutte, and discuss. :)

nomaikai said...

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