Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Obama wins!

Obama is the new President of U.S. of A.!!

(I have earlier declared my support for Obama here)

It took USA about 100 years since independence for Lincoln to denounce slavery.
About 200 years for Martin Luther King to 'have a dream'.
And 230 years for the first Afro-American to be President.

How long would Malaysia take to have a non-Malay Prime Minister?

Imagine, just 50 years ago, blacks in the USA have to be segregated when sitting in a public bus. Coincidentally, that's how long since Malaysia have gained independence.


written after seeing on CNN that the exit polls showed Obama won the race to be the President elect of USA


khensthoth said...

Sadly some quarters still think they have special rights and privileges in this modernised and globalised world. They seem to think certain positions are given and mandated for them, by God or Malay Supremacy, or whatever reason they so choose.

The recent commotions regarding a single multilingual road sign in Penang is enough to convince me those quarters are suffering from serious problem of inferiority complex.

Sadly, not to curse you, or myself, or anyone out there, but I don't think you and I will live to see the day when a non-Malay is to become the Prime Minister of Malaysia. The even sadder fact is that we are in our twenties.

jiinjoo said...

Fact is, Malaysia had its share of mixed blood Prime Ministers since the founding of the country (with Siam, Indian and Chinese so far)

Talent said...

Malaysians wish a "non-Malay Prime Minister" while Chinese (of course ,from China) are fighting for the democracy...
May be we couldn't live to see the day when China becomes a much more democratic country or Malaysia acheives its national integration, but we are still fighting,fighting for our next generation!
let's hope both of our dream come true!