Friday, May 30, 2008

the rate of change

happiness is the rate of change of current status...

so at some point in your life, if you do not take a plunge, then it'd be difficult to maintain that +ve rate of change. In other words, it is difficult to maintain happiness throughout your life without feeling sad at one point.

This also explains why people are never satisfied. When life becomes stagnant, they become unhappy. Either physically improve your current status, or mentally lower your expectation...that should help to create the effect that there's a +ve rate of change.

And thus happiness.


Anonymous said...

having said that, if u r always happy with no 'downs' in between, u'd never really appreciate the good times.

shinliang said...

It's tremendously hard to be happy all the time because your criteria for happiness gets tougher and tougher...until you have 'downs' in between.

So, yes, I think if we have some 'downs' occasionally it helps us to re-adjust and allows us to appreciate the good times.