Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Death and the moments before it

Does human fear death above all else?

My grandma (mom's side) is very sick. She's very old. She has diabetes. She feels pain awake or when asleep. She couldn't move much. And she knows the time has come. There's nothing we can do for her. So she's just waiting.

One day, this would happen to mom too. One day, this would happen to me. I can't imagine how I could take that. I can't imagine myself and my loved ones awaiting helplessly for death. But it will come. Why then am I doing all the things I am doing if this is inevitable?

Thus the question: Does human fear death above all else? That everything good will one day come to an end, no matter what you do?

I think the moments before death is much worth to fear than death itself.

The moments before death. The moments leading to your death. Parting with love ones, losing your ability to move and talk, the immense pain. I think this, is what we are really afraid of.

Death, I reckon it's a rather quick process. So there's nothing to fear.

And it would seem that life is nothing, but the imminent await for the death. All we can do, is enjoy every second of our lives, as long as it is. Let death comes as it comes.


Ting Ting said...

There is nothing to fear about death because we do not know when it will arrive. Death becomes fearful only when you know exactly the time it will come look for you. This is why, moments before death is frightening; because you know death is near.

ML said...

it's when there's suffering involved, then there's anguish, etc

Anonymous said...

Try get a copy of Tibetan Book of the Dead. It has quite detailed descriptions of the process of dying.

boon thye said...

now is a gift, that is why called present --- master Oggway