Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Prelude: blogs are like bins...rubbish bins

I never understood how blog got popular. Why would anyone want the world to see his/her own private diary? If it's not private, why would then he/she want to let the world know what is he/she doing? Unless you are using it as a mean to earn money, it's really a waste of time. Blog is for those people who has little thing to do in their lives.

But here is why I started mine.

The problem with people these days is that they think too much.
I am one such person. And I think blog is a good place to place your thoughts.

We think so much everyday. Some of them useful, some of them not. But most of the time we just think and then that's it...It's gone with the wind. Not until many years later, when you are a little older, then you suddenly realised, "Ah ha, I've thought of this before!"

These everyday-thoughts are useful. But usually not when it happens. So how nice if I could have a bin, a rubbish bin for thoughts where I could throw all these seemingly non-productive "rubbish" aside and await for this moment later in my life where these thoughts could suddenly emerge useful and provide me with sweet memories of the past, or even provide me with some insights into my own past and future.

It's interesting sometimes, to scour my own rubbish bins. I could find amazing items that would provoke me to think, "Why did I threw this last time?"

And that's why I started this bin for thoughts. I hope this bin doesn't end up in another bin (i.e. the real bin for real rubbish).

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