Thursday, April 9, 2009

Street protest - FRU vs MET

This is currently a big issue in the UK. First, look at this video. It happened in the recent G-20 meeting in London.

That guy died later due to heart attack...

This serves to remind us that police brutality can happened anywhere, even in the UK. Although we all know how bad street demonstrators are treated in Malaysia, it'd seem like it isn't any better in London either. London's MET isn't any better than FRU.

But here's the thing, which is why UK is still better than Malaysia - the press gave a full coverage of it, citizens were outraged by it, and an independent inquiry team is conducting a full investigation of it.

Headlines such as "the thin blue line between control and assault" and news report that said, "it doesn't matter if the assault did cause the heart attack that eventually caused his death, but it is the assault itself that is despicable." showed that the system is working to rectify a wrong. But not in Malaysia.

From the optimist point of view, we shouldn't be so disheartened about how FRU treats the street demonstrations in Malaysia because they are just as bad in the developed nations. But this serves not as a justification for FRU's action, but as an encouragement to the street demonstrations in Malaysia - for the right cause, of course.

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