Thursday, April 16, 2009

Siapa hantu? Siapa binatang tu?

read this..
"Ketuanan, Maaf dan seorang binatang" by Marsli N. O.
It's posted in Utusan Melayu as "SASTERA". Sastera my foot.

Wow.....nak tanya Marsli (Si penulis), siapa hantu? Siapa binatang tu? Kalau berani tulis, cakaplah terang-terang. Kami orang Cina ambil sastera Melayu di peringkat SPM juga, dan dapat A1!! Jgn ingat kita tak faham. Faham? Nasibnya, Marsli yang tak faham Cina - 马来前锋报多行不义必自毙。

Do Malaysia a favor. Spread the word. It's time for Utusan to pay.


khensthoth said...

Honestly, I have only a very vague idea of what it is talking about. Care to elaborate more? =)

Furthermore, 马来前锋报这种报纸哪里能读?它根本就是巫统的宣传部。

shinliang said...

well, i think the later part about 'binatang' was rather clear, i.e. a binatang (babi) that comes roaming into 'halaman saya' referring to the non-bumis coming to their courtyard, and that no matter how hard he tried to chase us away, we stayed.

the term babi (of course we Chinese love it, but to Malays they only use it for insult) to refer us non-bumi and the usage of 'parang' to chase us away is just plain sick.

Anyway, we should read Utusan. Then only we would know how much hatred they are inciting against us.