Friday, October 31, 2008

i don't see it...

I just don't see it. I don't see how there's any future for Malaysia.

My dad told me it was like that 40 years ago. But that's exactly my point, 40 years have past and me, the next generation, have to endure the same damn thing all over again? Just when I thought the events on 308 would give a glimpse of hope for the future of Malaysia.

Razak Baginda got off scot-free. Not even prima facie was established!
Mukrhiz and many others say that our judiciary system needs no revamp.
Malays protesting a Chinese is being elected as the head of PKNS, because merely she's a Chinese and on the name of 'Ketuanan Melayu'.
Half a century into independence and non-Malay citizens are still called 'immigrants'.
People are taken into custody without trials and for reasons that are stupenduosly stupid.
Badawi is all talk and no action on reformations.

More disappointing so, I've recently spoken to a young Chinese chap who is so blinded that he really thinks everything in our country is ok and fine. All the MP in BN are kind people, street protest is bad for the country, freedom of speech is unnecessary, M'sia is democratic enough, there's no problem with our judiciary system, etc.

Maybe, I ought to be the ignorant mass. If I knew less, and concentrated on my monthly salary and house loan, I won't be that sad. That is, I have to have my finger crossed and hope that such unfairness will only hit the minority and I won't be unlucky enough to be one of it. That's the mentality of the ignorant mass anyway. They just don't bother, because it doesn't affect them now.

On the other hand, what did I ever do? Nothing. So I'm not so far off. I may be aware of such unfairness, but till now, I have yet to act upon it.

All I do is talk and vet my anger. And these days, everything that we talk about that are unpleasant to the government are deemed "sensitive".

There is a reason for everything. There is a reason why a particular issue is sensitive. Now if you put this in the shelf and say that it is sensitif therefore it is off-limits, then decades from now you would never know why you put it there in the first place.

People change. And therefore so would the issues. If you never discuss the sensitive issues, you never know why it is sensitive. It will just be a taboo, or an excuse for those in power to use it against the powerless people of Malaysia.

What's wrong in asking that in protecting the special rights of Malay, could we do it without NEP? What's wrong with seeking a way to benefit all those that are poor regardless of race, and at the same time take care of the special rights of the Malay? How is this, in anyway, challenging the special rights of Malay? (Bah! this is not the first time we heard this and I'm not the first to talk about it either. No one listens in Malaysia.)

I want to care for Malaysian, and all UMNO cares for is Malay. The former is a nation, the latter being a race. So how could I be a racist? It could only be you.

Written on the day Razak Baginda was acquitted


Upon reading news that Razak Baginda is acquitted, I can help but to get this off my chest.
And to re-think of the image of his wife outside the court, with those humungous jewelry just make me wanna puke, again.


Yap Boon Hau said...

My friend, Razak's verdict is anticipated. Not the fault of court. I have been telling people (don't know you included) that there is no evidence even to find a prima facie case. If I were the judge, I would rule the same way.

So, who to blame? either he is totally innocence, which a lot malaysian don't believe, or the investigation fails, deliberately or negligently. How can AG charge someone with this flimsy evidence? Shouldn't AG order further investigation?

It is not the Court that is to be blamed, but the police and AG.

shinliang said...

yeah Siew CJ told me about it too.

he told me that the verdict is done and over during the first week of the trial.

he also say that many cases, like the Altantuya's, it's the AG and the investigators doing a lousy job (perhaps intentionally).

sigh...but still.....AG is part of the judiciary system right? =P