Monday, January 31, 2011

Say no to Pakatan, because there is a chance ...

Ini dia Malaysia! No matter how corrupted, we will vote for our government ... because there is a chance ...

There is a chance that BN will stop all the corruption
There is a chance that without UMNO, Malays will lose their place
There is a chance that without MCA, Chinese will lose whatever is left of their rights
There is a chance that PAS will introduce extreme Islamic laws
There is a chance that Pakatan will be unable to govern Malaysia if they reach Putrajaya
There is a chance ...

There is a chance that BN will end the NEP when the Malays are rich enough...
There is a chance that BN will give equality to all Malaysians given long enough time...
There is a chance that if the non-Malays stop learning Chinese, the Malays will accept us better.
And there is a chance that one day they will stop calling us "pendatang"
There is a chance...

There is a chance when ISA will no longer be there, when all of us are equally rich, and where finally there is meritocracy all over.

For 60 years BN has cheated us, but there is a chance they will not do it anymore.
There is a chance, they changed.
There is a chance, they will change.

Because of chance and fear or change, we choose BN.
Because there is a chance things will get better and not worse.

Martin Luther King has a dream. But in Malaysia, we do not dream. Instead, we give chance...

1Malaysia Boleh


Snowpiano^ ^ said...

Stole to my facebook and blog yah! ;P

Jyannie said...

Hi Shin Liang,

I'm Swe Jyan and I've submitted my application for the Maxis Postgraduate Scholarship, studying Organic Chemistry. Could you please advise on the scholarship selection process (i.e. how many interview sessions, what kinds of questions were asked)?

Most of the other bloggers who blogged on the MSEA are undergrad students, so am wondering if the postgraduate selection process is similar. I emailed the Secretariat but have yet to receive a reply from them.

Hope to hear from you soon!

shirley. said...

there are still another chance that's being left out. there're chances they will be building nuclear plant in Sarawak. if we were to take the chances of they changing their mind, we are risking the lives of future sarawakian.

shinliang said...

Hey Jyannie,

Sorry for the late reply. I've really left this blog to rot for sometime. But I'm making a comeback soon!!

But I suppose the interview is over? Too late to help you I suppose.

The questions are usually dependent on the panel so it varies from year to year. And it should be very different from my year as it has been many years ago and I heard they have revamped the whole system since.

I guess the general rule is just to be yourself. =)

If you have more questions you can email me.