Sunday, December 5, 2010

Conference in Grenoble and the meeting with Albert Fert

Are you using a Gigabyte Hardisk? If so, then you must thank this guy - Albert Fert.

I have this honour to meet him in Grenoble France in a conference. He is one of the discoverers of Giant Magneto Resistance (GMR) and the Physics Nobel Laureate 2007. Without GMR, the hardisk we know today would not be able to surpass the Gigabyte limit. In short, GMR is the effect where the resistance of a material changes depending on its magnetization. This effect is important because it allows the hardisk read head to detect minute changes in magnetization, which in turn is the 1 - 0 data bit.

Grenoble seems like a fantastic place. It is known for skiing holidays. The town itself is surrounded by the alps and is beautiful beyond description, but its beauty is difficult to capture on the camera. Perhaps its also the people. The people there are also friendly (unlike the ones I met in Paris). And in this little beautiful town is the home to many of France's advance physics research facility including the ESRF, ILL, nanoscience center and atomic research center to name a few.


Snowpiano^ ^ said...

看了你的這篇文章,想到那天,有人問,pendrive 和 hardisk 有什麼不同。。。。。。

shinliang said...

I think pendrive uses mainly what they call "solid-state" memory devices, i.e. they store data not by using magnetic materials but by storing electronic charges. Hard disk is by magnetization.

But things are changing very fast. The latest apple macbook air using solid state for hard who knows, maybe in the future no more differences!