Wednesday, June 23, 2010

St.. Edmund's Mayball

I'm 30. The party was meant for those below 20.

Nevertheless, I attended this unique event in University of Cambridge called May Ball. It's called 'May' but it's held in June, after the exams. It's a 'Ball' which means you must wear a bow tie, tuxedo and a full set of black tie formal wear otherwise you will be denied entrance, even if you bought the tickets. This was the first ever time I wore a bow tie and a tux.

It started at 9pm. It ended at 6am the next day!

Free flow of drinks (from all kinds of beer and wine), food (burgers, hot dogs, chocolate fondue, etc) and entertainment e.g. Laserquest, movies, magic show, hot air balloon, bumper car!!

I went with a bunch of Malaysian lads - my good friends here in Cambridge University (too bad Fendi wasn't around...)

It was a lot of fun!

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~ xYz ~ said...

and as always, most guys look just about the same due to their outfits! haha ;)