Friday, February 5, 2010

The 4 quadrants of BN

In counter-clockwise starting from the lower-left quadrant:

Abduallah Badawi. He is our former Prime Minister. Can't exactly say he was doing a lot of good. I mean after all, he detained a few people under ISA and did not achieve much in curbing corruption. But I guess we can all agree that he is unconscious most of the time in the Parliament. Besides, although he didn't mean to, his lack of leadership had allow the opposition to an unprecedented win in the last election and give a glimmer hope to equality and democracy.

By stating his intention to stay for another term, Samy Vellu has achieved the Malaysian Guinness Book of Records for the longest serving MP. He thought it was a good deal. But we all know that the longer he decides to stay, the longer the vote from the Indian community will stay away from BN. Again, this enhances the chance for the opposition to win in coming elections and thus he is a major contribution to equality and democracy, in an unconscious way.

Nasir Safar had make headlines recently for his remarks that Indians are beggars and Chinese are prostitutes. I think he sincerely believed in that. He also believe that Malaysia belongs to only the Malays and no one else. And most importantly, like many other members of Parti Cinta Malaysia he believes that what he believes in is noble. These people believe in evil things, without knowing that they are evil.

Ong Tee Keat is evil alright. Look at how he tried to depose CSL (not me, although we have the same initials) and then now Liow Tiong Lai. But he probably isn't the brightest person around. 2 years in helm, MCA has now almost become irrelevant. I seriously do not see why any Chinese would want to vote for MCA these days.

Dr. M is probably the person I respect most. He is cunning, he is intelligent, he can articulate and he is one helluva speaker. For that, how can I not put him at the top of the awareness axis? But despite the development he had brought to Malaysia, I probably do not agree with everything he had done. If we were to list down his faults, from the judiciary crisis to Ops Lalang, etc, it'd probably matched his achievements.

Our current Prime Minister is cunning alright. The Perak coup, liwat version 2, Altantuya, etc, just to name a few examples to show how good he is...unfortunately for all the wrong reasons. I mean, if you go according to the above order what you get is power grab, rape and kill. He's got a hand in all of it. How can he not be on the 'Eastern hemisphere' of the quadrant diagram? But Dr. M came up with liwat version 1. It wasn't very original of him to think of an EXACT excuse to get rid of Anwar. For that, he ranks lower in the 'awareness' scale.

Right at the top-right corner is...ta ta ta ta!! Utusan Melayu!!! I've had enough of this BN-controlled press. They've been fanning racial remarks over and over again like law never existed. Pity, those non-Malay who doesn't read Utusan because you missed the part where they call you pigs, dogs, and cockroaches. Pity, those Malay who can only read Utusan because their brain is probably washed so cleaned that all they can shout is 'Tuan' and 'Melayu'. And also 'social contract'. Even our Prime minister tries to be candid about these issues in public, but noooooo... Utusan Melayu never worries about being candid. And they never worry about being charged in court too.

In the top-left quadrant is someone who is consciously doing good in BN. That person would be.... Errr... would be.... Errr ...


Ting Ting said...

I like this!!! So creative! Should send this to some publication media. =)

Boon Pin said...

Hey bro, this analysis is awesome!
I salute your conciousness and inteligence.

聪涵 a.k.a buggie said...

Actually I don't understand why samyvellu is being placed in that quadrant... shd be shifted a little bit more to the left..

shinliang said...

He very good mie?