Saturday, December 13, 2008

The day earth stood still...

I like the theme of the movie. Here are some of the quotes from the movie...

Human: Why have you come to our planet?
Klaatu: Your planet?
Human: Yes, this is our planet.
Klaatu: No, it's not.

Human: But, you said you came to save us!
Klaatu: No, I said I came to save the Earth.
Human: OMG, you came to save the Earth from us?

"People change on the brink of extinction"

But the ending was abrupt and disappointing. All it takes to convince Klaatu (Keanu) to change his mind is Jacob (Jaden Smith) crying in front of his father's grave?

I thought Klaatu said that the problem is us? That we, humans, cared for nothing but only for our own species. And that even among our own species, we fought. And that we must show that we're capable of change before the aliens would decide against destroying us. So when Jacob cried and when Helen (Connelly) held him in her arms didn't they do it for ...erm...our own species? Where did they show that they cared for Earth or other species?

Face it humans, we're selfish!

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